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Quality — Made in Germany
KNIPEX 35 12 115 ESD Elektronik-Greifzange ESD
KNIPEX 35 12 115 ESD Elektronik-Greifzange ESD
KNIPEX 35 12 115 ESD Elektronik-Greifzange ESD
KNIPEX 35 12 115 ESD Elektronik-Greifzange ESD
KNIPEX 35 12 115 ESD Elektronik-Greifzange ESD
KNIPEX 35 12 115 ESD Elektronik-Greifzange ESD

35 12 115 ESD
Electronics Pliers ESD

  • Precision pliers for fine assembly work, e g. in electronics and fine mechanics
  • For gripping, holding and bending
  • Electrically discharging handles - dissipative
  • Sturdy, zero backlash box joint
  • Smooth ground gripping surfaces
  • Edges carefully deburred
  • Low-friction double spring for gentle and even opening
  • The mirror polish together with a fine film of oil offer effective rust protection - no circuit faults caused by peeling chrome from plated tools
  • Handles with two-colour multi-component grips black/grey
  • Flat, wide jaws
  • Ball bearing chrome steel, oil hardened
Technical attributes
Article No.
35 12 115 ESD
mirror polished
with multi-component grips
70 g
115 x 68 x 17 mm
DIN ISO 9655 DIN EN 61 340-5
REACH compliant
does not contain SVHC  
RoHS compliant
not applicable  
Jaw length (B)
22.5 mm
Jaw thickness (joint) (D)
6.5 mm
Tips width (E)
2.0 mm
Tips thickness (F)
4.0 mm
Head width (A)
11.0 mm

Small, slender with ESD protection: gripping pliers for sensitive electronics

Short, smooth and good: 115 mm long for plenty of freedom of movement even where space is restricted

The Knipex 35 12 115 ESD electronics pliers are a compact tool that can also be used well when working in poorly accessible areas: ideal for electronic equipment, printed circuit boards and precision constructions, e.g. in measuring equipment and delicate apparatus. Space is usually quite tight here.

With a length of just 115 mm and their slim, flat head, these electronics pliers from Knipex are the ideal tool for the delicate gripping, holding and bending of sensitive components. The gripping surfaces are smooth ground to protect sensitive surfaces.

Smooth operating and accurate, with box joint design and double spring

Great challenges are placed on pliers whose principal task is gripping, holding and bending small and sensitive components. Outer handle guided on both sides, ensuring precise running without any tilting effect. The low friction double spring supports the gentle opening of the pliers.

ESD protection from uncontrolled electrostatic discharge; safety rust protection

Sudden discharge resulting from electrostatic charging differences is a concern especially in electronics. With the Knipex 35 12 115 ESD electronics pliers, the electrostatic energy is discharged in a constant, controlled manner continuously via the conductive handles. This avoids high potential differences between component and tool. There is no sudden discharge. The rust protection is also safe for sensitive electronic components. There is no chrome-plating, therefore no pieces of chrome can peel off and fall onto printed circuit boards. The mirror polish in conjunction with a fine oil film provides perfectly adequate corrosion protection for the pliers during workshop use, if the oil film is replaced occasionally.

Brief overview

Slender gripping pliers for delicate installation work in precision engineering and electronics

Assemble printed circuit boards with precision

The Knipex 35 12 115 ESD is a valuable support when feeding sensitive components.

All variations

100-140 mm
mirror polished
Multi-component grips
Length: 115 mm
Technical changes and errors reserved.