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Quality — Made in Germany


New Products

72 01 160 KA
160 mm
plastic coated
71 42 200
200 mm
atramentized / lacquered / burnished
Multi-component grips
09 15 240
240 mm
chrome-plated / galvanized / nickel-plated
Multi-component grips
09 05 240
240 mm
chrome-plated / galvanized / nickel-plated
Multi-component grips
00 31 30 BK V01
340 mm
00 19 55 S9
330 mm
00 19 55 S8
330 mm
92 09 05 ESD
115 mm
92 09 04 ESD
115 mm
92 09 01 ESD
115 mm
92 09 03 ESD
110 mm
92 09 02 ESD
115 mm

Innovations from KNIPEX

You will always find the new KNIPEX products here

The world of handicrafts is endless and after each project there is a new one - that's why KNIPEX also regularly offers new tools and equipment to make manual work even more comfortable, safe and effective.

The right tool is often crucial, especially for specific work: The right pliers help you reach your goal much faster and easier. That is why we regularly present KNIPEX innovations on this page.

Improved working with KNIPEX innovations

With modern and optimised designs for mechanics and electricians, our new pliers offer exactly the right reason to enrich your toolbox. Assembly packages or fully assembled sets are created to meet the required needs, so that the right tool is available for every situation in every life.


This year the new products from KNIPEX have taken another step towards safe and comfortable work.

Versatile new KNIPEX products

Not only for working with the tools themselves, but also for their transport, there are some improvements within the KNIPEX innovations: new handy boxes and cases are now available.

They are available empty, or, of course, fully assembled with tools for specific trades. For professional needs, however, it is usually better to individually choose the right components and tools to put together your own personal toolbox.

The aim of all KNIPEX newcomers is to provide you with the latest technology to make your work as simple as possible.


KNIPEX: Reliable and Made in Germany

You can rely on KNIPEX: every year, new designs are developed that complement the existing range and simplify future activities.


With wire rope cutters, crimping tools, pliers and many other designs, work becomes more effective, as optimisations of the KNIPEX innovations are simply and easily implemented into your day.