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Quality — Made in Germany


00 20 09 V02
83 30 020
570 mm
powder coated
without handle sleeves
71 01 200
200 mm
Ø 5,2 mm
71 72 610
610 mm
99 14 300
300 mm
without handle sleeves
70 02 180
180 mm
70 06 160
160 mm
12 62 180
180 mm
without handle sleeves
0,2 – 6,0 mm²
97 52 36
220 mm
0,5 – 6,0 mm²
13 96 200
200 mm
Ø 15 mm / 50 mm²
70 01 180
180 mm
71 22 200
200 mm
Ø 5,2 mm
85 51 250 A
250 mm
70 mm
90 70 220
220 mm
powder coated
without handle sleeves
Ø 2,0 / 2,5 / 3,0 / 3,5 / 4,0 / 5,0 mm
97 62 145 A
145 mm
0,25 – 2,5 mm²

Tools for agriculture

Reliable partners

In the field, in the workshop, in the stable or in the yard - a farmer's day-to-day work is as varied as the hand tools he needs for it. Sometimes tools are needed to define the fence, sometimes a horse gets new horseshoes.


The small head of the pincers including hoof nail deflection plays an important role in this agricultural hand tool: Farroers' pincers are specially made for farriers – but can also be used for other work.



Especially in the harvest months, when the weather can quickly become a real stress factor, there is no way around reliable tools that are tailored to specific needs. In view of the threatening cloud fronts or a blunted side cutter, the lack of the right fence pliers when make pasture fencing can lead to a deadlocked situation.


All the better, if you have asked yourself the right questions about your agricultural tool in the somewhat calmer winter time.


For example, questions like the following: Do I need ear camp pliers ? Are my tool trolleys optimally equipped? Which pair of pliers do I want for fencing? Or: what's new from KNIPEX?




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Practical for fence construction: The compact KNIPEX CoBolt®bolt cutter saves 60% of manual force with every cut compared to conventional reinforced side cutters and even cuts piano wire. With the profiled gripping surface, wires can be gripped and pulled safely. Available in a 160 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm length.

Multiple slip joint spanner


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Belongs on every tractor: the multiple slip joint spanner reliably loosens even rusted or damaged nuts. It grips all screw heads and nuts from 10 to 32 mm safely and without play and without rounding them off. The setting at the push of a button directly on the workpiece makes working even easier.



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Must not be missing on any farm: The KNIPEX Cobra® XL is significantly lighter than a pipe wrench and still has a larger reach. With a length of only 400 mm, it can hold pipes up to 90 mm and nuts up to 95 mm. The robust pliers can be set quickly and easily at the push of a button. The teeth, hardened to 61 HRC, grip permanently and are extremely wear-resistant.


High leverage combination pliers


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Classic for the workshop: High leverage combination pliers from KNIPEX cut wires, nails, bolts, rods, screws, etc. more easily and grip more powerfully than conventional combination pliers. An optimized translation ensures 35% less effort. The cutting edges are specially hardened for powerful use and, due to their length, also suitable for thicker cables.


Pliers from KNIPEX for use in agriculture

We at KNIPEX know how repair-intensive work is on the yard and in the field. With our tools for agriculture, we therefore offer you a powerful and robust range that will not let you and your agricultural equipment down.


KNIPEX spring hose clamp pliers and hose clamp pliers with their rotatable gripping inserts allow the clamps to be gripped safely in any situation. Our high-tech water pump pliers KNIPEX Cobra® impress with their setting option directly on the workpiece at the push of a button. And our oil filter and connector pliers are extremely resilient when tightening and loosening oil filters, round union nuts and plastic pipe connections.


Farmers get pliers and wrenches in one tool by purchasing a KNIPEX pliers wrench – it replaces a whole set of wrenches, both metric and imperial. Our circlip pliers, which are available for inner rings in bores as well as for outer rings on shafts in various sizes and designs, also serve as practical helpers.


If you are dealing with hoses and pipes in the yard, the KNIPEX ear clamp pliers are exactly the tool you need, as it reliably attaches 1-ear and 2-ear clamps. Speaking of attaching: The use of crimping pliers, for example for wire ferrules, can also be necessary in agricultural work in order to create plug connections using the technique of pressing. KNIPEX offers you an extensive range for this.


And many, many more pliers. Water pump pliers, side cutters or bolt cutters are just three other examples of our offer to make your day-to-day work as pleasant as possible.

With hand tools that save you time, nerves and, in the medium term, a lot of money.