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Quality — Made in Germany

13 72 200 ME
KNIPEX WireStripper
Metric version

flat jaws
cross-hatched, knurled gripping surfaces
  • Clever stripping: large capacity range, sharply ground stripping profiles and intuitive positioning
  • Innovative cutting geometry: easier cutting, especially of flat cables
  • Hybrid design: as flat as needle-nose pliers, as wide as combination pliers for high stability with good accessibility
  • Precisely ground stripping profiles for solid conductors from 0.75 - 6 mm² and fine-stranded conductors from 0.5 - 4 mm²
  • Precise positioning of the wire thanks to location ridges
  • Easy cutting of copper and aluminium cables up to Ø 15 mm (1/2")
  • Wide, cross-hatched gripping surfaces for twisting wires
  • Milled groove for secure holding and pulling of small work pieces such as nails
  • Convex gripping surface on one side for secure gripping of flat material and gripping area for round material
  • Outer edges for deburring pipes
Technical attributes
Article No.
13 72 200 ME
black atramentized
with multi-component grips
296 g
200 x 52 x 21 mm
REACH compliant
does not contain SVHC  
RoHS compliant
not applicable  

All variations

13 71 200 ME
KNIPEX WireStripper Metric version
atramentised / lacquered / burnished
plastic coated
Length: 200 mm
13 76 200
Multifunktions-Elektrikerzange metrisches Modell
chrome-plated / zinc-plated
multi-component grips
Length: 200 mm
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