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Quality — Made in Germany
KNIPEX 97 52 34 PreciForce® Crimpzange
KNIPEX 97 52 34 PreciForce® Crimpzange
KNIPEX 97 52 34 PreciForce® Crimpzange
KNIPEX 97 52 34 PreciForce® Crimpzange
KNIPEX 97 52 34 PreciForce® Crimpzange
KNIPEX 97 52 34 PreciForce® Crimpzange

97 52 34
KNIPEX PreciForce®
Crimping Pliers

  • Consistently high crimping quality thanks to precision dies and forced locking mechanism (unlockable)
  • Tools have been set precisely (calibrated) in the factory
  • Optimum transmission of force thanks to toggle lever for fatigue-reduced operation
  • Good handling thanks to favourable handle position, low weight, compact design and ergonomically shaped handles
  • Chrome vanadium electric steel in special quality, oil-hardened
Technical attributes
Article No.
97 52 34
with multi-component grips
483 g
220 x 59 x 21 mm
REACH compliant
RohS compliant
non-insulated open plug type connectors (plug width 2.8 + 4.8 mm)
Capacity in square millimetres
0.1 — 2.5 mm²
Number of crimping positions
26 — 14

Crimping pliers for non-insulated plug connectors with open cable entry

Precise crimping – which is why they are called Knipex PreciForce

Crimping is high-precision work. Crimp profile and crimping pressure must be precisely matched to the connectors and cable used to create a professional connection that is permanently mechanically and electrically safe and secure.

All pliers in the Knipex PreciForce range combine a light, compact design with toggle lever reinforcement of manual force and precision crimp profile. The result: the ideal, hand-friendly amount of pressure is exerted with precision on the plug connector being connected to the cable.

Relief when crimping thanks to integral lock for ideal crimping pressure

Thanks to the integral lock, the Knipex PreciForce does the job of measuring manual force for him. The pliers are optimally set (calibrated) in the factory. The integral lock blocks premature opening of the pliers before the set upper limit has been achieved using hand pressure. The integral lock releases automatically when the set crimping pressure has been reached, enabling the user to concentrate completely on crimping. The integral lock can be released where necessary, and the crimping pressure of the pliers can be adjusted if need be.

Accurately machined, durable crimp profiles

With the Knipex PreciForce series, every crimp application has its own version with specially machined crimp profile: one specialist pair of pliers, one application. The Knipex PreciForce is manufactured from special high-grade chrome vanadium electric steel and is oil-hardened. The Knipex PreciForce 97 52 34 is therefore a purchase that will last for a long time and for a special field of application: crimping non-insulated, open plug connectors with a width of 2.8 and 4.8 mm.

Brief overview

Crimping pliers for crimping 2.8 mm or 4.8 mm wide plug connectors with open cable entry by means of a roll crimp

Crimping pliers from Knipex: quality from universal through to special pliers

Knipex offers an extensive range of quality universal and special pliers for crimping. Those who use tools a lot and professionally every day expect a quality that permits simple and safe work and which lasts for many years of hard use.

We produce our tools from quality materials, machine them with great precision on up-to-date machinery, and harden them carefully using repeated heat treatment.

Every pair of Knipex pliers represents more than 130 years of specialist know-how.

Consistently high crimp quality and integral lock with release mechanism

For calibration inquiries, please contact our affiliated company RENNSTEIG WERKZEUGE GMBH under the following contact:


Mr. Uwe Wagner


Tel .: +49 36 847 441-59

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All variations

181-250 mm
1,5 – 10,0 mm²
Length: 220 mm
181-250 mm
0,5 – 6,0 mm²
Length: 220 mm
181-250 mm
0,5 – 6,0 mm²
Length: 220 mm
181-250 mm
0,5 – 6,0 mm²
Length: 220 mm
181-250 mm
0,25 – 6,0 mm²
Length: 220 mm
181-250 mm
RG 58 / 174 / 188 / 316
Length: 220 mm
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