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Circlip Pliers

Circlip pliers from KNIPEX

Install internal rings and external rings safely and quickly

In vehicle and mechanical engineering, circlips are often used to fix bearings. There are two types: internal rings that are used in bores and external rings that are used on shafts. To assemble and disassemble these quickly and safely, KNIPEX offers you a wide range of circlip tools.


The different tip shapes of our circlip pliers help you to react flexibly to different assembly situations. With a straight tip, you can guide the locking ring directly to the corresponding groove.


Circlip pliers with angled tips of 45 or 90 degrees enable the assembly and disassembly of circlips in difficult spaces, and they also make it easier to see into the work area because your hand and the pliers are positioned next to and not above one another.

There are special forms of circlips on the market. These also include grip rings. These hold onto the shaft with pure gripping force and are therefore assembled or disassembled with a modified form of circlip pliers for external rings. The first choice for working with grip rings should be our circlip pliers for grip rings.


Last but not least, retaining ring pliers complete the range of circlip pliers from KNIPEX. Retaining rings are a slim design version of circlips - they taper at the opening and are gripped there. The special feature of retaining ring pliers: a narrow surface with a centered hole. With the help of this hole, the tips can be gripped safely and the ring can be moved to the intended location. For retaining rings with straight flanks in the separating slot, we again offer special pliers with a corrugated, non-slip outer surface that ensure that you have the expansion of the external ring under control at all times.


You see: No matter which pliers are required when installing or removing circlips: With 80 different circlip pliers, KNIPEX always has an answer!


Circlip pliers in different sizes


When dealing with circlips, one thing must be noted: The size of the ring and the size of the circlip pliers must always be coordinated. In order to give you the best possible orientation, the permissible ring diameters are printed on all circlip pliers from KNIPEX. As the thin working tips are sensitive to overloading, the largest possible pliers for the existing ring should always be used.


Speaking of large: With circlips over 140 mm in diameter, the actuating forces for one-hand pliers are too great. Light-weight two-hand circlip pliers help to move the rings to the right place with little effort and with the help of a special locking mechanism.