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Carpenters' pincers

The classic for cutting and pulling nails and wires

Carpenters' pincers are very common and especially popular because of their robustness. Their cutting edges are positioned perpendicularly to the handles, which makes them very stable. The pincers can be rolled over the rounded head, whereby the jaws act as levers and generate a high pull-out force. This is what makes these pincers particularly suitable for pulling out nails, staples and the like.


Cutting nails and wire with carpenters' pincers

Due to their sharp, forward-facing cutting edges, it is possible to easily cut wire or small metal pins with carpenters' pincers. The round head shape in particular helps to perform a lever movement by rolling it over to pull out nails from wood.

Different types of pincers

In addition to the conventional carpenters' pincers, the KNIPEX range also includes special models that serve special purposes. We will briefly discuss these in the following.

Hammerhead style pincers

The hammerhead style pincers from KNIPEX can do everything that regular pincers can do: they are ideal for pulling out or cutting off wires or hard nails.

The special advantage of the hammerhead pincers, as the name suggests, is the possibility of using them as a hammer. Thanks to a surface on the side of the pliers, you can also use them for this purpose. This is particularly useful if you have to insert a new nail after you have removed a wrongly inserted nail with the hammerhead pincers.

Potters' pincers

These pincers, also known as brick pincers, are suitable for working on clay and ceramics and can be used as a tiling tool.

They are used, for example, to adapt pipes and are also used frequently by roofers to adjust tiles at the edges of the roof.

Farriers' pincers

Farriers' pincers are part of the inventory of every, of course, farrier. They use these specially designed pliers to pull the nail that attached the horseshoe out of the horse's hooves.

Farriers' pincers are also called pliers for vehicle bodywork because they are also suitable for body construction and dismantling work.