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Pliers Wrench XS

86 04 100 Pliers Wrench XS

100 millimetre pure gripping strength

Small. Handy. Versatile.

Although measuring only 100 mm, the width across
flats is 21 mm:

Tighten and loosen screws gently; workpieces can be reliably held, pressed and bent

Optimum accessibility, even in confined spaces: particularly compact design, very slim head


One-handed fine adjustment by pushing for the simplest adjustment to different workpiece sizes

The Pliers Wrench XS is small enough to fit in your pocket, but as useful as a complete mini-ratched set.

Due to the high lever transmission joint, the Pliers Wrench XS grips, presses and holds everything tightly.

Despite its small size, the Pliers Wrench XS grips nuts and parallel workpieces up to 21 mm safely and gently.

100 millimetre pure gripping strength

86 04 100 Pliers Wrench XS

Small. Handy. Versatile.

Enormous gripping capacity with a tool length of only 100 mm; parallel jaw opening grips continuously up to 21 mm width across flats

Smooth jaws for the gentle assembly of sensitive fittings and parts with delicate surface finishes: can be used directly on chrome due to the smooth full-surface contact!

Robust sliding joint offers high stability and resilience

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