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Conditions of participation Advent calendar Bulgaria


Conditions of participation

Participation in the advent calendar offered by KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG (hereinafter referred to as "the operator" or "the organiser") is free of charge and based solely on the following conditions of participation.



Operation of the advent calendar

Participants will have the chance to open a window of the online advent calendar every day from December 1, 2023 until December 24, 2023.




Participation involves starting the advent calendar and then clicking on that day's window of the advent calendar.

There is a question behind each window of the advent calendar. To take part in the question you need to fill out and submit the participation form. The participation period lasts from 0:00 to 23:59 on every respective day. Submissions received after the end of the participation period shall not be considered in the draw.


Each participant can only submit one registration per day. Participants are strictly prohibited from using more than one email address to increase their chances of winning.


Participation in the prize draw is free of charge.




Only natural persons residing in Bulgaria who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to take part in the competition. Participation is not limited to customers of the organizer and is not dependent on the purchase of goods or services.

If a participant does not have the capacity to enter into legal agreements, they will require the consent of their legal representative.


Persons and employees involved in the design and organization of the advent calendar shall not be eligible to take part in the advent calendar, nor shall their family members. In addition, the operator reserves the right, at their own discretion, to exclude persons from participating if there are legitimate reasons to do so, for example:


(a) if there is manipulation regarding access to or the running of the competition (b) if there are violations of these conditions of participation (c) if there is unfair conduct (d) if false or misleading information associated with participation in the competition is submitted.



Prize, notification of the win and delivery of the prize

In integrated competitions, a more detailed description of the prizes on offer will be shown directly, on the same day as the relevant competition, via the competition window.

The prize winners shall be determined through a draw based on the principle of chance, in which all participants will be involved. If the competition is linked to a task, only those participants who have successfully completed the task will be considered in the draw.


The winner of the draw will be promptly informed of the win via a separate email.


The prize can only be delivered to the winner. It is not possible to exchange the prize or to have it paid out in cash.


The operator shall bear any costs that may be incurred when shipping the prize. The winner shall bear any additional costs associated with claiming the prize. The winner shall bear the responsibility for any applicable tax applying to the prize.


If the winner does not respond within a three-week period, the prize may be given to another participant instead.



Termination of the advent calendar

The organizer expressly reserves the right to terminate the online advent calendar, along with integrated actions, at any time without giving any reason or prior notice. This applies, in particular, to any reasons that would disrupt or prevent the scheduled operation of the advent calendar.



Data protection

Participation in the advent calendar requires you to submit personal data. The participant shall ensure that the personal details submitted, especially first name, surname and email address, are true and correct.


The organizer hereby declares that none of the participant's personal data shall be passed on to third parties without consent, nor shall any third parties be given permission to use it.


In the case of a win, the winner shall agree to having their name and place of residence published in the advertising media used by the organizer. This shall also include the announcement of the winner on the operator's website and its social media platforms.


The participant may withdraw their consent at any time. The withdrawal must be addressed, in writing, to the organizer, using the contact details specified in the masthead of the advent calendar app. After consent has been withdrawn, the personal data of the participant that has been saved and collected shall be deleted immediately.



Facebook / Instagram disclaimer

This campaign is not associated with Facebook or Instagram, nor is it sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook or Instagram in any way.



Applicable law

Any questions or complaints relating to the advent calendar or its content should be directed to the operator. You can find contact details in the masthead of the advent calendar.

The advent calendar of the operator is exclusively governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Recourse through the courts is excluded.



Severability clause

If any of the provisions of these conditions of participation are rendered ineffective, in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions of participation. The provision which is economically closest to the sense and purpose expressed by the invalid provision shall apply in lieu of the invalid provision. This provision shall be applicable mutatis mutandis to any potential loopholes in these conditions of participation.



Supplementary data protection statement for the 2023 KNIPEX Advent Calendar Bulgaria


1. Subject of the supplementary data protection statement


This supplementary data protection statement contains some additional notices for the 2023 KNIPEX advent calendar (hereinafter referred to as the "Campaign") regarding our general data protection statement.

When it comes to use of the KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG company website, our general data protection statement is applicable. You can find these under the following link:



We kindly request that you first look through our general data protection statement and only then read the supplementary data protection statement for the Campaign.



2. Competent authority/service provider


The responsible authority under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG. To find out more, please look at the masthead or the contact details of the service provider, as published on our website.



3. Use of information within our campaign


If you visit our campaign pages for purely informational purposes, i.e. without registering or taking advantage of another service that requires prior registration, only the following data will be collected:

The type of Internet browser that you use when visiting the website

- Settings of the Internet browser

- Operating systems that you use when visiting the website

- The last website that you visited (before going to our website)

- The pages that you visit on our website

- Time and date of visit, duration of visit and frequency of use

- Volume of data transmitted and the access status (e.g. file transmitted, file not found etc.)

- IP number of the Internet terminal device that you are using to access the website


The IP number is the unique identifier for each individual Internet terminal device, and is universally valid. It shall serve as the address used to send files to the device from the Internet, e.g. images from our Campaign. If the IP number has not been collected, our web pages may not react to the information or queries that you have entered and may not communicate with your device.


Informational visits will only be recorded for statistical purposes, for optimization of our website and the aim of system security. This only simply requires the data to be saved in an anonymized form. It shall not be possible to draw conclusions about any individual users. We do not create any user profiles or anything similar for visitors who access the website for purely informational purposes.



4. Participating in the Campaign


If you register for the Campaign, we will require personal data from you,



- Form of address*

- Email address*

- First name and surname*

- Street*

- No.*

- ZIP*

- City*

- Country*

- Phone Number*

- Industry classification


Mandatory fields for the registration are marked with an * in our listing. Additional information shall be submitted on a voluntary basis.



5. Collection and use of data


After you have registered for the Campaign successfully, we will use your data to personalize content for later visits, e.g. greeting you by name or sending you the outcome of the Campaign via email.

We shall only collect personal data that you have shared with us voluntarily. No personal data shall be collected without your consent.


Personal data shall only be used in accordance with a given purpose, to the extent that is necessary, while strictly adhering to legal requirements.



6. Participant data and the public announcement of prize winners


By registering, you agree that in the eventuality that you win

- your name


will be announced publicly on our website. Consent to this can be withdrawn at any time. The participant is responsible for giving the correct name. No guarantee shall be given when announcing the name.



7. Evaluation of your data


For the processing of data, your consent is requested by checkbox during the registration process. We would like to analyze your data for market research purposes, if you have expressly agreed, in a separate location, for your personal data to be used in this way. You can withdraw your consent to this at any time.


For the aforementioned analyses, it may be necessary to gather personal data, e.g. the data that you shared with us when registering, and to collate the usage data generated on an ongoing basis, in user profiles.


The summaries and the analysis of such summaries are only undertaken on an internal basis and in accordance with the specified aims.



8. Location of data storage


As a general rule, all of the data mentioned in this data protection notice shall be stored and processed in our own databases or in the databases of companies who carry out processing on our behalf under Art. 28 of GDPR. For more information on these service providers, please also see point 9, Passing on data to third parties.



9. Passing data on to third parties


Should you be required to pass on your personal data to third parties to allow us to perform our services or because of organizational processing procedures, we will only ever pass on the data for the specific purpose for which it is absolutely necessary. Such third parties are also bound by the provisions of data protection law and data secrecy.


Service companies that do data processing on our behalf are also bound by the provisions of data protection law and data secrecy.


If you win a prize, the personal data needed for it to be delivered to you will be shared with the relevant cooperative partner (e.g. a company that has donated a prize or a carrier). The data will be stored by the partner until the legal retention period has passed. In addition, the winner shall agree to having their name and place of residence published in the advertising media used by the organizer. This shall also include announcing the winner through our communication channels and social media platforms.



10. Erasing data


After termination of the campaign, informing the winner and delivering the prizes, we shall delete all of the personal data saved with regard to the Campaign, provided that there is no existing obligation to comply with a legal retention period (see above).



11. Right of withdrawal and right of objection, deletion of participant data


You can withdraw the consent that you gave for your personal data to be processed at any time. If you make use of this opportunity, we will delete your personal data immediately once they are no longer required.


However, if there are legal duties of retention or if the files are still being used for invoicing purposes, the data can only be deleted after the duties of retention or invoicing have come to an end.


Personal data that is submitted when participating in a campaign can be deleted at any time. This only requires an email to be sent to


[email protected]


with a corresponding message. Upon receiving the request, all data records relating to the participant, including their personal data held in the databases of the operator and the data of the company tasked with contracted to run the technological aspects of the Campaign, will be permanently deleted, provided that there is not a legal duty to comply with a retention period. At the same time, all data that were collected in conjunction with the Campaign shall be deleted (e.g. answers to quiz questions, uploaded photos etc.).



12. Social plug-ins


This website uses the social plug-in from AddToAny. This allows visitors to share specific content on social networks and other services. According to AddToAny, it complies with the provisions of GDPR. In general, it does not request any personal data, except for IP addresses. However, these are anonymized (as of: 25/05/2018;


Visitors to our campaign pages can choose whether to use the integrated AddToAny and use it to establish a direct connection to a range of social networks and services. In this case, personal data may also be transmitted. We do not collect any personal data using the social plug-in ourselves or through its use.



13. Amendments to this supplementary data protection statement


We reserve the right to make amendments to this supplementary data protection statement. We will inform you of any such amendments through a notice in our Campaign.