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Crimp range from KNIPEX

The KNIPEX crimp range: tailored to your needs

How does crimping work?

The term "crimping" is a synonym of "pressing" or "folding". The word refers to the mechanical compression of a sleeve with a cable, which creates a firm connection between the conductor and the cable. The prerequisites are that the conductor, the contact, the crimping tool and its setting all match each other.


To connect a conductor and a connector to each other, they must be positioned in the appropriate crimping profile. For some crimp connections, there are positioning aids available, which simplify the insertion of the plug into the crimping tool.

During the process, it is important that the crimping pressure is applied evenly across the crimping profile. The best way to do this is to use a parallel crimping motion.
For the crimping pressure to be applied completely and accurately to the contact, the tools are equipped with an integral lock.


Crimp range from KNIPEX

With the right tools, you can ensure a secure connection between the cable and the connector even without great effort. With KNIPEX's diverse crimping range, all common connections can be crimped. Thanks to the simple application, efficient and simple implementation is ensured.

When buying crimping tools, make sure that you choose the right size, as it needs to match the cables and plugs you want to process. Special crimping pliers make everyday work a lot easier: While such connections used to be welded and soldered, today's tools make it safe and easy to create stable connections.