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Инструменты для резания

длина: 180 mm
длина: 160 mm
длина: 140 mm
длина: 110 mm
длина: 125 mm
длина: 160 mm

Cutting pliers from KNIPEX

Precise and powerful: The right pliers for every cutting task

One of the many secrets behind it: Our high leverage diagonal cutters are made from particularly high-quality and wear-resistant chrome vanadium steel.


Our classic electrician diagonal cutters for cutting stranded wire or solid wire are also robust and precise. With cable ties, the finest strands and even spring wire, our diagonal cutter series for electromechanics is also included.


What types of cutting pliers are there?


A variety of very different cutting tools are available for cutting a wide variety of materials. We briefly present the most important of them here.


The diagonal cutter:

Unlike a front or center cutter, the cutting edge of a diagonal cutter is arranged sideways. The sharp tip of the pliers is mainly used to cut thin materials.


The center cutter:

The effort required is generally lower thanks to the favourable wedge angle of a center cutter. The bolt cutter is also a center cutter: thanks to its two long levers combined with the high-ratio joint, the pliers are even suitable for cutting thick monier iron. It is used with both hands and has the ability to cut chains, bolts or rivets in various industrial areas. A variant of it is the concrete mash cutter – a bolt cutter with an angled shape.


The front cutter:

As the name suggests: The cutting edges of the front cutter are at the front. They are also used, for example, to cut wires. Thanks to a higher transmission ratio, a high leverage front cutter enables the cutting of even harder materials.


The oblique cutter:

Thanks to their special cutting edge arrangement, an electronics oblique cutter can be used at different angles to the workpiece, depending on the version.



Which side cutter is the right one?