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Grip pliers from KNIPEX:

Pliers and vice in one

Grip pliers for welding: welding pliers

Grip pliers are often used for welding work, which is why they are also called welding pliers. Due to the locking function, no additional holding is necessary, which contributes to safer and more stable work . The craftsman reliably fixes the components to be welded with the welding pliers and can then fully concentrate on his welding work with both hands.

Universal grip pliers - suitable for all occasions

Tradesmen repeatedly come into a situation that requires clamping work, for which universal grip pliers are ideal and versatile. They are used when it comes to general work, such as welding pipes together or holding on when assembling furniture. All KNIPEX universal grip pliers offer an optimal hold for clamping work .

Which grip pliers to use for which application?

The most important criterion for grip pliers is the possibility to fixate them with the help of their clamping jaws. However, different shapes are available. Which shape is suitable for you depends on the task you want to complete with the pliers. The following are the most important criteria:


Universal grip pliers are best suited for a wide range of different uses, as they reliably hold round, profile and flat material. The possibility of one-handed operation offers you the greatest possible comfort.


• As the name suggests, welding grip pliers are best suited for metalwork. Welding pliers have a smaller contact area with the materials to be held than other grip pliers and are available in different shapes and designs.