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Stripping pliers and tools from KNIPEX

Stripping quickly and easily with the optimal tool

How do you use wire strippers?

In order to carry out the stripping process precisely and safely, you must be familiar with the most important features of the procedure.

Mechanical wire strippers

Mechanical wire strippers can usually be adjusted to a certain size using an adjusting screw, so that the two V-shaped cutting edges form a diameter that matches the cables to be processed.


This is useful for work in which several cables with the same diameter need to be stripped one after the other, because in comparison to the conventional stripping knife, the procedure is carried out cleanly with only one hand after each setting. The wires are not injured if the setting is correct.
Stripping pliers with tested VDE handles are also available as an option.


Automatic wire strippers

With automatic wire strippers, the adjustment to the correct cable size is carried out automatically, which in addition to requiring little effort also saves you a lot of time. Self-adjusting wire strippers are particularly suitable if you are working with cables with different cross-sections.


After you have inserted the cable into the tool, you only have to squeeze the gripping jaws and in just one step the cable is stripped to the set length. In order to offer a constant stripping length, pliers from KNIPEX have a length stop, on which you can regulate the desired length.

There are different models for different cable cross-sections and types. These include automatic wire strippers for standard insulation, rubber cables or flat cables.

Tools for stipping cable sheaths from KNIPEX

These tools are indicated when you need to remove the sheath of several bundled insulated cables. Again, there are different approaches that can be accomplished with the respective tools. Here too, the wide range of KNIPEX offers various options:

The cables can be cut lengthways first using tools such as the KNIPEX ErgoStrip® and then stripped. Alternatively, the sheath can also be cut around its circumference and then be removed to the front.

Combination tools for stripping sheaths and insulation from KNIPEX

Combination tools for both tasks are also offered by KNIPEX: Many pliers for the stripping of cable sheaths also have integrated cable cutters or side cutters, which enable you to also cut the cables cleanly. Some even offer an integrated insulation stripper.
A very special combination tool is the KNIPEX ErgoStrip®, which can be used to strip both sheaths and insulation of all common types.

There is something available for every occasion in the KNIPEX range!