The world of diagonal cutters
Comparison of the necessary manual force in kilogrammes when cutting a 3 mm thick nail.
Comparison of the necessary manual force in kilogrammes when cutting a 3 mm thick nail.

With its four types of diagonal cutters KNIPEX offers customised solutions to suit all applications.

This unusually broad range guarantees the ideal solution for all requirements.

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The TwinForce® is an extraordinary tool for the toughest requirements.

The TwinForce® from KNIPEX did not win the “IRON” innovation prize awarded for the first time at the 2012 hardware trade fair without good reason. Its patented double hinged design achieves an impressive 39-fold reinforcement of manual force. It permits extremely easy cutting using the least effort (50 % lighter still than tried and tested high leverage diagonal cutters).

The TwinForce® not only cuts all coarse and fine types of wire reliably, but also cuts through unusual materials such as steel tape without a problem.

The ability to reapply the tool is new for diagonal cutters. By reapplying two or three times, the TwinForce® is even able to cut through 4 mm thick wire. Conventional high leverage diagonal cutters of the same size are either unable to cut through these thicknesses at all or only by exerting a great deal of effort.

The TwinForce® is the extraordinary answer from the KNIPEX world of diagonal cutters to the toughest requirements.

The TwinForce® on YouTube.

The all-rounder.
Compact and light.
Powerful and precise.

Powerful and precise.With the X-Cut® KNIPEX presents an answer to almost all cutting demands. Its box joint, which is new for diagonal cutters, offers maximum stability combined with low weight. 

Thanks to the perfectly coordinated cutting edge angle and leverage ratio, the impressive X-Cut® offers a high cutting capacity with very little effort (40 % less effort required compared to diagonal cutters of the same length). Precise cutting through all types of wire, including piano wire and fine copper wires, characterise working with the X-Cut®. The slim head provides a large opening width for thicker cable.

The KNIPEX X-Cut® – the all-rounder among the diagonal cutters.

The X-Cut® on YouTube.

The robust cutters.
For very tough, continuous use.

The KNIPEX high leverage diagonal cutters are the right choice for all applications that demand particularly robust diagonal cutters. Their forged joint axle achieves a high cutting capacity, and 20 % less effort is required compared to conventional diagonal cutters of the same length. They cut all types of wire including piano wire.

The KNIPEX high leverage diagonal cutters are precisely the right choice when it comes to tough, continuous use.

The classic model.
The essential cutting tool for versatile use.

With their induction hardened precision cutting edges, the KNIPEX diagonal cutters represent the ideal solution when used to cut soft and hard wire.

Clean cutting of thin copper wires, also at the cutting edge tips, plus their narrow head style for use in confined areas, make these cutters the classic model among diagonal cutters.