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Quality — Made in Germany


95 16 165
165 mm
Ø 15 mm / 50 mm²
95 16 200
200 mm
Ø 20 mm / 70 mm²
70 06 160
160 mm
70 01 180
180 mm
00 21 19 LB
442 mm

Coordination of all work steps

In order to produce electricity more sustainably in the future, more and more photovoltaic systems are installed. For a technically perfect installation of a photovoltaic system, the demands on the electrical installation material are high. It is important, for example, to connect solar cables with solar connectors with the help of suitable crimping pliers and crimping dies, in such a way that standardized electrical connections are created.


Of course, repairing a photovoltaic system poses the same challenges to the quality of the tool. Safe stripping with pliers suitable for photovoltaic systems is just one example of many.


Because other areas of solar technology, such as the use of solar systems, require precision, reliability and safety in the same way.


Or to put it the other way around: poorly installed solar cables that rub against the roof can indicate the lack of suitable photovoltaic tools or solar system tools – those who save money on the tools, do so at the expense of the durability of their system.

Cable shears


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The VDE-tested cable cutter 95 16 165 cuts e.g. NYM-J 3 x 1.5 mm or NYM-J 5 x 2.5 mm and all other multi-strand and fine-stranded copper and aluminum cables up to 50 mm² cleanly and without squeezing. Thanks to its joint, it is particularly smooth-running and can be adjusted if necessary using the self-locking joint screw.

Precision insulation stripper


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The stripping pliers 12 12 11 were specially developed for the very tough and hard insulation materials of solar cables. Two pairs of knives cut the insulation of the cable over the entire circumference. For uniform results, the pliers have a length stop, which enables precise and repeatable work.


Crimping system pliers


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With the option of crimping almost all current crimp connections, the crimping system pliers solve many tasks in mobile and stationary crimp technology. With the crimping dies for turned solar connectors 97 49 68, we also offer a solution for the photovoltaic sector.

Pliers from KNIPEX for the electrical installation of photovoltaic systems

The task of creating an electrically powerful and permanently secure connection also comes with high mechanical requirements in the area of electrical installation pliers. High-quality special tools from KNIPEX fulfill these at all times.


For example, when it comes to operating many different systems that are not compatible with each other. Our crimping pliers and crimping dies for solar connectors help you to remain flexible, so that electrical connections can be made effortlessly in systems from a wide range of manufacturers.

By the way: All-round solutions that are a one-stop shop are also part of our wide range.

You will find a useful combination of different solar pliers in tool cases specially developed for photovoltaic systems: In addition to the crimping pliers described above, cable shears and precision stripping pliers are also included.


The latter are highly recommended for double-layer insulated solar cables - their knives cut precisely up to the conductor before stripping the insulation.


Regardless of whether you want to install a photovoltaic system or have a solar system that needs reparation: high-precision special tools from KNIPEX for cutting, stripping and crimping ensure a professional and reliable work result.