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Quality — Made in Germany

Pliers for the construction site

Robust under tough conditions

If craftsmen on the construction site are to deliver top performance, their hand tools must meet the highest standards. No matter which products are required: professionals deserve professional building supplies.


But what are typical tools for construction work? As for pliers, concreters' nippers are to name above all. They are especially designed for installation work, i.e. twisting and cutting the binding wire, and are available in various sizes and designs.


For example, high leverage concreters' nippers develop significantly higher cutting forces due to a different type of transmission ratio. Conversely, this means: This special work equipment for the construction site offers you significant energy savings.


Universal pliers such as combination pliers, side cutters or water pump pliers should not be missing in any tool case. They are also good examples of light and compact construction site tools.

KNIPEX pliers for building supplies

Robust under tough conditions: KNIPEX concreters' nippers have already proven themselves in many situations. With their durability and precision, they are a good choice for every craftsman. But even with such proven tools – made from special tool steel in special quality – we continuously ask ourselves: How can we make this tool even better?


Because this approach applies to every one of our products for building needs, KNIPEX pliers are not only to be found during installation work.


Our tools are also used in many other places on the construction site. Insensitive to dirt, they are indispensable for cutting, screwing and for many types of repair work.


And they are extremely long lasting! With quality features such as additional hardened cutting edges or reliable rust protection concepts, we ensure that you can count on KNIPEX pliers at any time even after long, intensive use!

So whatever challenges await on the next construction site: pliers from KNIPEX make it work.


High leverage concreters' nippers


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High leverage concreters' nippers demonstrate how we improve tried and tested tools: They require 25% less effort thanks to their high-ratio joint and make binding of deep-lying irons easier thanks to their slim shape. In addition, they protect muscles and tendons because every cut is softened by the pliers handles. KNIPEX is thus responding to developments in modern building construction. Due to the increasing amount of pre-assembly of the reinforcements, thicker binding wires have become necessary, but these increase the strain on pliers and people. In order to compensate for this, we have developed these high leverage concreters' nippers. They makes even heavy work a whole lot easier.

Bolt cutters


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The robust bolt cutters from KNIPEX can handle everything the hard everyday work on a construction site has to offer. With their cutting edges made of chrome vanadium high-performance steel, they cut iron up to 48 HRC. The required effort is low because the cutting edge angle and transmission ratio are optimally coordinated. And thanks to the very flat head and joint area, they can go almost anywhere.

Concrete mesh cutter


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When cutting flat-lying structural steel, the concrete mesh cutter with its length of 950 mm demonstrates its strength. Its special head shape gives the user ergonomically optimal access to the material to be cut. Just like the KNIPEX bolt cutters, the knives can be precisely adjusted. The entire cutter head can also be replaced.