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Quality — Made in Germany

11 92 140
Electronics Wire Stripper

  • For single, multiple and fine stranded cables having a diameter from 0.1 up to 0.8 mm, with plastic or rubber insulation
  • Easy adjustment to the required diameter of solid or stranded wire with knurled screw and lock nut
  • With opening spring
  • The mirror polish in combination with a fine oil film provides rust protection - no circuit faults caused by peeling chrome from plated tools
Technical attributes
Article No.
11 92 140
mirror polished
with multi-component grips
70 g
140 x 70 x 17 mm
REACH compliant
does not contain SVHC
RoHS compliant
not applicable
Stripping capacities (diametre)
Ø 0.1 — 0.8 mm

Electronics wire strippers for everyday use

For plastic and rubber insulation materials with a diameter of 0.1 to 0.8 mm

The Knipex 11 92 140 electronics wire strippers are principally used for repairs on electronic components and devices. They are also a good, tried and tested tool for standard installation and wiring work, e.g. information and communication technology. Solid, multicore and finely stranded conductors with plastic or rubber insulation and conductor diameters of 0.1 - 0.8 mm can be reliably stripped with this tool.

Proven knurled screw for adjusting the conductor cross-section

The pliers are set to the conductor cross-section using the knurled screw so that only the insulation is cut into without damaging the conductor. The knurled screw is secured with the inset lock nut to maintain the precise adjustment even during longer periods of work. This simple principle has been tried and tested for decades.

With strong construction for long tool life, convenient to use

Knipex 11 92 140 wire strippers are forged from special tool steel and additionally oil-hardened. The opening spring nestles the pliers gently in the user’s hand, thereby substantially reducing strain in hand muscles when holding the pliers tight. As rust protection, these pliers are mirror-polished and covered with a fine oil film to prevent sensitive circuits being damaged by any pieces of chrome that peel off. Thanks to this machining and finishing step, when used correctly the electronic wire strippers are suitable for a long tool life. With their multi-component grips, they sit comfortably in the hand, and at just 99 g are pleasantly light.

Brief overview

For solid, multicore and finely stranded conductors with plastic or rubber insulation with a conductor diameter of between 0.1 and 0.8 mm

Handles with multi-component grips

Pliers mirror-polished and coated with a fine oil film

140 mm long

Net weight 99 g

Knipex wire strippers: proven standard tools for professionals

They are an indispensable part of the everyday work of electricians and electronics engineers. Classic electronics wire strippers from Knipex perform a valuable service wherever standard, unchanging wire stripping work is called for. The great benefits of the tools and their safe, comfortable use are the results of decades of experience making pliers, continuous product development and the commitment by Knipex towards high quality standards. Pliers from Knipex are built for many years of use in a professional environment.

Adjustment to the conductor cross-section

The wire strippers are set to the right conductor cross-section using the knurled screw and lock nut.

Cutting into the insulation

Correctly adjusted, the wire strippers cut into the cable insulation without damaging conductor or strands.

Stripping the insulation

After the insulation has been cut into, it can be removed from the conductor effortlessly.

Tough and durable

Forged from special tool steel, oil-hardened, mirror-polished and then coated with a fine oil film.

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