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Quality — Made in Germany

00 31 30 BK V02
Electrical Cutting Set

  • Complete set: Always equipped for all cutting work in the electrical trade
  • Broad-based set: Cuts multi-conductor cables, fine and solid conductors
  • With precision putting pliers KNIPEX Electronic Super Knips®, a robust Diagonal Cutter and the power-saving cable shears KNIPEX StepCut®, all VDE-tested
  • Set of three perfectly complementary cutting pliers
  • Made of high-quality materials and multi-stage oil-hardened, with VDE-tested handle sleeves
  • KNIPEX Electronic Super Knips® Precision Cutting Pliers 78 06 125 VDE:
  • Shear cut with controlled micro cutting edge misalignment for the most precise cutting of even the thinnest of wires and for a long service life
  • KNIPEX Diagonal Cutter 70 06 160 VDE:
  • Versatile: Also for hard wire up to Ø 2 mm, clean cut even at the tips; vanadium electric steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened
  • KNIPEX StepCut® Cable Shears 95 16 160 VDE:
  • Effortless: The gradations in the cutting edge cut wires one after the other; cutting is up to 40% easier than with standard cable shears of the same length!
Technical attributes
Article No.
00 31 30 BK V02
510 g
166 x 30 mm
REACH compliant
does not contain SVHC  
RoHS compliant
not applicable  
Technical changes and errors reserved.