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Quality — Made in Germany

Special Pliers

Length: 250 mm
16 x 32 mm
Length: 200 mm
Ø 6 / 10 mm
Length: 250 mm
max. 1,2 (2 x 0,6) mm
Length: 340 mm
max. 1,2 (2 x 0,6) mm

Special pliers from KNIPEX

What special pliers are there?

Special pliers replace various tools in a wide variety of applications. Sometimes there are also special forms of the common tools.
These include, for example, ear clamp pliers, which are mainly used in the automotive sector. They are used to properly close ear clamps.
Halogen bulb exchange pliers are used to change small halogen bulbs. Fragile halogen bulbs are not damaged by the plastic-coated gripping surfaces.
Upholstery pliers are applied to attach upholstery to furniture or car seats. These are often used by professional upholsterers because they enable quick and easy work.
Sheet metal nibblers are the most popular special tool when it comes to cutting thin metal plates. Unlike conventional pliers, they do not snap them.
In addition to special pliers, there are also many spare parts available that counteract premature tool wear. It is often the case that only the blade is worn out after improper use or years of use. However, this can be quickly solved by simply replacing the blade.