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Sales Aids

00 19 31
160 mm
00 19 32
190 mm
195 x 98 x 175 mm
00 19 33 2
205 mm
00 19 33 3
85 mm
00 19 34
305 mm
325 x 98 x 175 mm
00 19 34 1
480 mm
480 x 200 x 225 mm
00 19 34 2
1000 mm
995 x 145 x 215 mm
00 19 34 2 V01
410 mm
410 x 240 x 190 mm
00 19 34 2 V02
410 mm
410 x 240 x 190 mm
00 19 34 6
275 mm
270 x 120 x 200 mm
00 19 34 7
1247 mm
1247 x 240 x 190 mm
00 19 35 1
200 mm
00 19 35 2
60 mm
00 19 35 3
205 mm
00 19 36
290 mm
230 x 290 x 90 mm
00 19 37 1
510 mm
300 x 150 x 490 mm

Sales aids from KNIPEX

To be able to present the outstanding quality of the KNIPEX products, we offer numerous sales aids. They support you in a clever way in presentation, so that the tools appear in their best light.
Our range of sales aids includes everything from test aids to demo kits. The right product presentation brings order to the range and thus increases your sales.



The effect of the KNIPEX POS materials is designed for a long-term effect. Due to the diverse range of different sales aids, they can be put together individually and adapted to any room. They are also designed to be set up within only a few minutes.
Our presentation solutions make it easy for you to increase your sales.


Perforated panel walls: the basis for the presentation

At KNIPEX you will find perforated panel walls that serve as the basis for the presentation of goods. They are available in different widths and heights so that they fit every space requirement. Matching lighting units are also available.


Possibilities for product presentation on perforated panel walls

Various attachments are available for perforated panel walls: empty and equipped, for self-service items and for the presentation of pliers.
Sales displays for tools are much more than just the opportunity to present the existing range as well and fully as possible. They simplify the search for the desired tools, especially for the customer, which helps them make quick decisions. A modern and well-equipped sales display for pliers is surely not overlooked in your shop and adapts easily to existing concepts.
We also offer perforated panel hooks, that are specially suited to our products. For additional space requirements, there are also presentation elements that can be attached to the wall.
Our glass showcases are the high-end method of product presentation. They can combined with perforated panel walls and since they are lockable they offer special security.


Counter displays

Numerous sales aids can also be integrated directly on the counter to increase the sales of KNIPEX tools. We offer a number of counter displays for pliers, which convert the different models into real eye-catchers. Counter displays also save the customer the long search for the right tool – they will find it right in front of them.
Different shapes are also available here: If you are looking for higher security, the lockable mini showcases are the best choice for you. If you want to present many different pliers in a small space, the rotating stands accommodate a variety of pliers directly on your counter. Many other variants are also available.
It is easy to skillfully stage your goods, with the right counter displays for pliers and tools from KNIPEX.


Test stands and demo kits

With the help of our test stands and demo products, you offer your customers the opportunity to take the KNIPEX products in their own hands and test them. This way they convince themselves of the excellent quality.
Test stands are available for a wide variety of products, including the KNIPEX Alligator®, the KNIPEX Cobra®, the pliers wrench, but also circlip pliers, the multiple slip joint spanner and hose clamp pliers.
Test stands and demo kits make KNIPEX products tangible, in the truest sense of the word.