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Pliers for the plumbing / heating / air conditioning professional

Quality for plumbing / heating / air conditioning technology

Sanitary engineering pliers from KNIPEX

When it comes to sanitary engineering, professionals use a wide range of plumbing tools in their everyday work. They most often use pliers because they can be used universally for a wide variety of jobs. Numerous advancements have improved KNIPEX pliers in such a way that they enable the specialist to work quickly, easily and safely.

Water pump pliers, pipe cutters or universal pliers: in the KNIPEX range you will find the right plumbing tool for every application. Well-thought-out technology, high ease of use and high-quality materials are quality features that make the difference for sanitary requirements.


Speaking of difference: It is often not so easy to recognise for the untrained eye. Water pump pliers and pipe wrenches are often mentioned in one breath, even though their designs are completely different. A look at our extensive range helps to understand how different the functions of a corner pipe wrench and a pliers wrench are.


Even if special care is required, you can always count on KNIPEX. Replacement jaws for siphon and connector pliers are just one of many examples of how we not only provide you with precise plumbing tools made of special tool steel  – but how we also offer plastic elements for particularly gentle solutions.


Plumbing tools and pliers from KNIPEX

KNIPEX also takes industrial requirements into account and offers a range of excellent, durable high-tech products. From the single pair of revolving punch pliers to the 52-piece tool case, everything you find at KNIPEX will advance your work.




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Our classic is a good example of the permanent advancement of sanitary pliers: the KNIPEX Cobra® family, which now has 8 family members from 100 mm to 560 mm in length. The latest innovation is the KNIPEX Cobra® QuickSet. According to the motto “open fully, push in, grab”, it speeds up the screwing process considerably. When the first load is applied, the lock part engages securely – and you can start working.


Pliers wrench


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The pliers wrench was designed for working on high-quality screw connections, such as brass, gunmetal or stainless steel, as well as for working on chrome-plated fittings. It combines pliers and a wrench in one tool. The basic version of the pliers wrench is available in six different sizes, with which wrench sizes of up to 85 mm or 3 3/8" can be gripped.


Pipe cutter


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The innovative pipe cutter for composite and protective pipes is used when installing surface heating. It is provided with wide support jaws for the correct fixation of the tube in order to achieve a right-angled cut.