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Pipe Wrenches and Water Pump Pliers

Length: 250 mm
Ø 10 – 75 mm
Length: 250 mm
Ø 10 – 75 mm
Length: 250 mm
Grips: dip insulated
1 1/2" / 36 mm
Length: 300 mm
Grips: dip insulated
2" / 46 mm

Pipe wrenches and water pump pliers from KNIPEX

Grip a wide variety of workpieces safely

Water pump pliers are well suited for gripping round and angular parts, even of larger diameters. They play an important role in the area of sanitary installation, but are also used in many other jobs, such as ventilation. The finer the adjustment of a pair of water pump pliers, the more precisely the pliers can be adapted to the size of the workpieces – such as pipes.


The high-quality KNIPEX water pump pliers are characterised by the fact that their jaws are self-locking. Once set correctly, the pressure on the upper pliers handle is sufficient to turn the workpiece powerfully. This significantly relieves the hand at work.


Intensive use in turn is made possible by another KNIPEX quality feature: The teeth are induction hardened, so that they can still grip firmly and securely even after long, intensive use – like on the first day.


Practical adjustment of the pliers

A quick and at the same time very convenient way of adjustment for water pump pliers to different workpieces is the adjustment by push button. With the KNIPEX Cobra®, the opening width can also be set directly on the workpiece, eliminating annoying fiddling around. Simply press the button, slide the pliers joint open, place the upper jaw on the workpiece and push the lower jaw onto the workpiece.


Setting is even easier with the KNIPEX SmartGrip®. An intelligent mechanism automatically adjusts the opening width to the workpiece. The pliers are placed on the workpiece, the handles pressed together and they fit and grip securely – if you frequently resort to different workpiece sizes, this will make work easier and is not only valued in the sanitary sector.


Whatever challenges you are facing – with solutions from KNIPEX you will master them. From the mini water pump pliers to the XL pliers wrench, we offer you a comprehensive range – which also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of pipe wrenches and high-performance pipe wrenches.



The pliers wrench

The pliers wrench from KNIPEX is pliers and wrench in one tool. It replaces a whole set of wrenches with continuous gripping in the entire capacity range - metric and imperial! The smooth gripping jaws, which are parallel in any position under load, grip very powerfully with 10 times the hand force.


Nevertheless, they protect the workpiece because they grip the surfaces without play and without straining the edges. That makes the pliers wrench particularly suitable for the assembly of parts with sensitive surfaces, e.g. chrome fittings.


Due to the stroke between the gripping jaws, the pliers wrench can be used to work with the ratchet principle. When repositioning it does not have to be removed from the workpiece like a wrench. With its powerful transmission, the pliers wrench is also ideal for holding, pressing and bending.


Variants of pipe wrenches and water pump pliers

Water pump pliers, pipe wrenches, pliers wrenches and a number of other special pliers have a number of similar features in terms of structure and mode of operation. For a more precise classification and some essential differences, see the following overview:


Water pump pliers:

The adjustable slip joint is the salient feature of water pump pliers. It enables different opening widths of the gripping jaw - and thus gripping workpieces of different diameters. In order to avoid slipping, the jaws are usually toothed. This in turn means that these teeth, particularly on workpieces made of softer materials such as copper or brass, can leave their mark on the surface.


Pipe wrench:

The opening width of the pipe wrench is set by turning the knurled screw. A self-reinforcing lever mechanism is then set in motion by pressure on the upper pliers handle, with which the workpiece automatically clamps. No further pressure has to be applied here for further gripping.

A 45° angled mouthpiece turns a pipe wrench into a so-called corner pipe wrench. It enables use in areas that are difficult to access.


Siphon connector pliers:

Anyone who does not want to leave permanent traces on sensitive materials - for example by using water pump pliers - is well served with the siphon connector pliers. Their designs with gentle plastic jaws and surface contours adapted to the pipe loosen union screw connections on odor traps almost without a trace. These pliers are also built for union fittings that electrical impluses go through (connector plug).


Spring hose clamp pliers:

The hose clamp or spring hose clamp pliers enable the gripping, holding and placing of spring band clamps on automotive hoses thanks to special gripping inserts in the functional jaws.