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Quality — Made in Germany
KNIPEX 83 20 020 Rohrzange 45°
KNIPEX 83 20 020 Rohrzange 45°
KNIPEX 83 20 020 Rohrzange 45°
KNIPEX 83 20 020 Rohrzange 45°
KNIPEX 83 20 020 Rohrzange 45°
KNIPEX 83 20 020 Rohrzange 45°

83 20 020
Pipe Wrench 45°

  • Swedish pattern
  • 45° angled jaws
  • Jaws with double offset teeth
  • Teeth additionally induction-hardened
  • I-beam handle design
  • Captive adjusting nut
  • Red powder-coated, jaws bright ground
  • Gripping jaws with specially hardened teeth, hardness approx. 56 HRC
Technical attributes
Article No.
83 20 020
red powder-coated
2,596 g
570 x 72 x 28 mm
DIN 5234
REACH compliant
does not contain SVHC
RoHS compliant
not applicable
Clamping width
70 mm
Capacities for pipes (diameter)
Ø 2 3/4 Inch
Capacities for pipes (diameter)
Ø 70 mm
Capacities for nuts
70 mm
Inner diameter, inches Inner diameter, inches
Ø 2 Inch

Power tool with marathon qualities for industry

Infinite adjustment, effortless self-locking action

Knipex pipe wrench 83 20 020 is adjusted directly on the workpiece with a literal flick of the wrist: twist the knurled screw to open the jaws, place the outer handle over the workpiece, press down the inner handle, turn the knurled screw – done. This infinite adjustment enables the tool to be adjusted quickly to the user's hand, whatever the workpiece dimensions in the capacity range. Just a little pressure locks the wrench handle onto the workpiece in the direction of rotation. This very useful self-locking action greatly facilitates the application of high torques with Knipex pipe wrenches, as all the force can flow in the direction of rotation. When the direction of rotation changes, the wrench is reversed to maintain the self-locking action.

High-efficiency, torsion-resistant pipe pliers

With a total length of 570 mm, the Knipex 83 20 020 pipe pliers apply high gripping force via the pliers head to the workpiece, e.g. a threaded fitting. The leverage is already noticeable in one-handed operations. The 45° angle of the pliers jaw offers stable, parallel support for flat parts, fittings and nuts even when the pliers are opened wide.

For flat parts, nuts and threaded fittings. Long-lasting Knipex quality

Knipex 83 20 020 pipe pliers are known for their lasting qualities. They were designed according to all the rules of physics & ergonomic efficiency. They are forged from high-grade chrome vanadium steel, multistage oil-hardened and powder-coated. The teeth have additional inductive hardening. These durable pipe pliers are suitable for long-term use.

Brief overview

Robust 2 inch pipe pliers, double-T profile handle, installations

Slim, 45° angled jaws

For pipes with max. 70 mm external diameter and nuts up to opening width 70

Chrome vanadium electric steel forged multistage oil-hardened

Also induction-hardened, serrated in the opposite direction to rotation

Even with wide pliers opening, large parallel contact areas on workpiece

Captive adjusting nut; red powder-coated pliers, unpainted ground jaws

Length 570mm; Net weight 2,596 g

Knipex pipe pliers – strength and long life

Pipe pliers from Knipex are real workhorses. They are very robust, easy to maintain and easy to handle. They are much appreciated for their usefulness and durability among members of all trades where threaded fittings are involved. Pipe pliers from Knipex are also frequently used in industry. Professionals who use tools a lot every day rely on a quality that enables them to work easily and safely and that can withstand many years of service. We forge our pliers from high-quality materials, processing them with high precision on modern machine tools and hardening them through careful heat treatment. All pliers from Knipex embody over 130 years of specialist expertise.

Pipes, threaded fittings, flat parts

Parallel jaw position even when the pliers are open wide; stable contact on pipes, flat parts, nuts and fittings.

Simply adjust on the workpiece

The captive adjustment screw is used to adjust the pliers to the size of the workpiece.

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All variations

83 20 010
Pipe Wrench 45°
301-400 mm
powder coated
without handle sleeves
Length: 320 mm
83 20 015
Pipe Wrench 45°
> 400 mm
powder coated
without handle sleeves
Length: 430 mm
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