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Insulated Tools

Length: 200 mm
Ø 15 mm / 50 mm²
Length: 145 mm
0,25 – 2,5 mm²
Length: 200 mm
Ø 15 mm / 50 mm²
Length: 165 mm
max. Ø 10 mm
Length: 180 mm
Grips: dip insulated
Length: 160 mm
Grips: dip insulated
Length: 200 mm
Grips: dip insulated
Length: 250 mm
Grips: dip insulated

Insulated tools from KNIPEX

The difference between immersion insulation and VDE multi-component sleeves

There are two different types of insulation for tools at KNIPEX: the one-component handle sleeve and the multi-component sleeve.
The former is made by immersion insulation. To manufacture them, the pliers blank is dipped several times in liquid plastic.

The latter is the yellow-red multi-component sleeve, which adapts ergonomically to every hand. Both are equally insulated and tested, so you can choose the right insulated tool according to your own preferences.

Regulated according to standards and tested individually

When working on electrical systems, the quality of the tool is vital. For this reason, strict safety conditions and standards apply to tools for live work, such as DIN EN IEC 60900. This special tool must have been specially manufactured and tested for this work.
KNIPEX tools that carry the 1000 V-symbol are approved for work up to 1000 V AC.

In order to ensure that the special insulation actually withstands the voltages, each tool is subjected to a breakdown test with 10,000 V AC before it leaves the KNIPEX plant. This gives you a reassuring safety buffer when working up to 1000 V.


In addition, the insulation is also checked in special temperature conditions, at 70 °C and -25 °C, as well as under tensile and impact force. In addition to the internal testing system, external institutes and test centers such as the VDE guarantee that all KNIPEX tools actually meet the applicable VDE criteria.