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Precision pliers for electronics and fine mechanics

For those who have to keep it accurate

The smaller and more sensitive the components, the greater the challenges for the tool. The demands are particularly high when working in electronics and fine mechanics. Tools for electronics engineers must lie comfortably in the hand and have to be small, stable and easy to use. The decisive factor is the precise, easily metered transfer of manual force to the workpiece.

This is exactly what KNIPEX electronics pliers offer. You can master any challenge with them reliably, safely and quickly – for example, precise gripping, positioning and cutting in hard-to-reach areas such as switch boxes.

Electronic Super Knips®


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Thanks to its extremely sharp cutting edges and the controlled micro-cutting edge offset, the Electronic Super Knips® enables ultra-precise cutting of the thinnest wires and even of wires lying on a surface. The opening spring and the smooth movement of the electronics pliers ensure comfortable, fatigue-free working. The Electronic Super Knips® is available in different surface and handle designs as well as with a lead catcher, which prevents cut wire sections from jumping off uncontrollably.


Precision electronics gripping pliers


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With our precision electronic gripping pliers, every opening movement is free of play, smooth and even.

With 20% less weight than conventional electronics pliers, it is particularly light and ergonomic and therefore ideal for gripping, holding and bending the thinnest wires and components. The finest assembly work can be carried out reliably and precisely.

The telephone pliers: As universally as flat-nose pliers, for example, can be applied, as specialised is the working area of the telephone pliers: They are used in narrow control boxes or telecommunications environments. Curved gripping jaws are particularly helpful here.

Electronics end cutters


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Finest cutting work in electronics and fine mechanics can be done quickly and precisely with the electronics end cutter.

Depending on the work situation, differently angled versions offer optimal accessibility, even to hard-to-reach wires and components. The precision box joint and the low-friction double spring ensure a long service life and smooth, pleasant work. This is one of the most used designs of electronics pliers.


Features of ESD pliers

The acronym ESD stands for electrostatic discharge, which describes the phenomenon of an electrical charge being created by friction which then can discharge itself as a spark or breakdown with destructive energy. This is particularly problematic when working with sensitive components such as circuit boards. The use of ESD tools is not only advisable here, but increasingly mandatory.


The use of ESD pliers prevents damage to these electronic components by controlled equalization of potentials. And it also prevents unpleasant follow-up costs due to objects that have been rendered inoperable.