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Electronics pliers

Electronics pliers from KNIPEX

Compact and powerful: For cutting and guiding electronic components

Electronics pliers do not differ significantly from normal pliers except for their smaller size. The most common designs, depending on the intended use, are side cutters and gripping pliers. KNIPEX offers special tools for cutting wires and components on circuit boards: electronics side cutters with various heads, cutting edge and bevel shapes.


Where electronics and sensitive components are involved, special caution is always required. That is why a large number of our pliers are also available as ESD tools. ESD is the abbreviation for "electrostatic discharge", which can quickly lead to serious damage to electronic components.


By using ESD pliers, however, your hardware is protected because it allows the current to flow, which means that voltage shocks cannot occur.

With their often filigree design, electronics pliers are sensitive to mechanical overloading, which is why they should always be used with due respect for the delicacy of these pliers. The maximum wire diameter printed on the handles of cutting pliers must be observed.


The particularly high-quality precision electronics pliers are forged from ball-bearing steel, which ensures the highest possible resilience with these filigree pliers.


Special advantages of KNIPEX electronics pliers


Thanks to a series of extensive changes in the range of box joint electronics pliers, KNIPEX now offers electronics tools for your workshop needs that have once again significantly improved the excellent properties of its predecessors.


From classic side cutters, to front cutters and oblique cutters, to flat nose pliers: The new KNIPEX electronics pliers are now even more durable, more powerful and with even more sensitivity.


Keyword sensitivity:
By using ball-bearing steel in the entire new family of our box joint electronics pliers, we give you a material that thanks to its bending behaviour can give the most precise feedback from the tip of the pliers to the handle.

It is precisely there that the optimally designed one-component sleeve now ensures exceptional handiness with the slimmest handle versions.


Due to the implementation of new processes and new materials, our end cutters can not only score with slim handles, but also with slimmer heads . This makes it even easier to reach workpieces in narrow work environments.


Last but not least: Both one and two-component sleeves have been made much slimmer in the front area, so that the pliers can be guided very sensitively with the thumb and index finger.


Keyword performance:
The cutting behaviour of our pliers has been improved again by changing geometries and transmission. The associated saving in effort is another convincing argument for the industrial need to rely on KNIPEX.


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