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Quality — Made in Germany
KNIPEX 70 07 160 Seitenschneider
KNIPEX 70 07 160 Seitenschneider
KNIPEX 70 07 160 Seitenschneider
KNIPEX 70 07 160 Seitenschneider
KNIPEX 70 07 160 Seitenschneider
KNIPEX 70 07 160 Seitenschneider

70 07 160 Diagonal Cutter

  • With elongated cutting edge
  • The indispensable diagonal cutter for all-round use
  • High-quality material and precise workmanship for long service life
  • Precision cutting edges for soft and hard wire
  • Clean cutting of thin copper wires, also at the cutting edge tips
  • Cutting edges additionally induction-hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 62 HRC
  • Narrow head style for use in confined areas
  • With bevel
  • Vanadium electric steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened
Technical attributes
Article No.
70 07 160
with dipped insulation, VDE-tested
227 g
160 x 60 x 28 mm
DIN ISO 5749 DIN EN 60900 IEC 60900
Cutting capacities soft wire (diameter)
Ø 4.0 mm
Cutting capacities medium hard wire (diameter)
Ø 3.0 mm
Cutting capacities hard wire (diameter)
Ø 2 mm
VDE tested

The versatile, chrome-plated diagonal cutters, 160 mm long

Optimised for the craftsman’s everyday work and dip-insulated up to 1000 V

Long appreciated by many craftsmen – the Knipex diagonal cutters with a length of 160 mm are a classic in the Knipex range.

From the shape of the head through to the polish and hardness of the cutting edges, it is customised for the diverse cutting tasks in the day-to-day work of electricians and mechatronics engineers.

The Knipex 70 07 160 is dip-insulated in accordance with the insulation standard IEC 60900 / DIN EN 60900.

Universal cutting capacity

With their cutting capacities of up to Ø 2.0 mm on hard wire (e.g. wire rope fibre) and up to Ø 4.0 mm on soft wire (e.g. copper wire), the Knipex 70 07 160 diagonal cutters offer a broad range of applications.

The long cutting edges make them ideal for cutting cable. The extremely carefully and precisely machined cutting edges enable even very fine stranded wire to be cut accurately – up to the tips of the cutting edges. This is a great advantage where space is restricted, for example when shortening fine stranded wires in junction boxes or when cutting copper cable in distribution boxes.

Tough and durable

We forge the Knipex diagonal cutters from vanadium electric steel and make them strong by warming them and then quenching them in oil. To achieve a permanently accurate cut we additionally use high-frequency current to give the cutters a hardness of approx. 62 HRC. Chrome plating is effective rust protection that pays off during outdoor use, for example. Thanks to the chrome plating, the diagonal cutters are particularly easy to clean.

Brief overview

Versatile, compact diagonal cutters (160 mm long)

Cut hard wire (e.g. wire rope fibre) up to Ø 2.0 mm and soft wire (e.g. copper wire) up to Ø 4.0 mm

Precise cutting also of fine CU wire, even with the tips of the cutting edges

Are also suitable when working in confined spaces thanks to their slim head shape

Production according to higher standards for optimal work results and a long service life

Cutting edges induction hardened to approx. 62 HRC for strength and a long service life

Dip-insulated in accordance with IEC 60900 / DIN EN 60900

Vanadium electric steel, forged, oil hardened, chrome-plated

Knipex diagonal cutters: precise cuts right up to the tips of the cutting edges

One can see how good diagonal cutters are by the cut. Knipex diagonal cutters deliver lasting high performance. In addition to the quality forged metal parts made of vanadium electric steel, the most important quality criteria at Knipex include the precise machining of the tool steel manufactured in Germany. The material to be cut is cut cleanly. The length and sharpness of the blades of the Knipex 70 07 160 are designed for high performance – even in confined spaces. The high quality and hardness of the blades guarantee a long service life.

Quality material and precise machining for a long tool life.

Cutting edges additionally induction hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 62 HRC.

Slim head shape for use when working in confined spaces.

Precision cutting edges for soft and hard wire.

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