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Quality — Made in Germany
KNIPEX 72 11 160 Seitenschneider für Kunststoff
KNIPEX 72 11 160 Seitenschneider für Kunststoff
KNIPEX 72 11 160 Seitenschneider für Kunststoff
KNIPEX 72 11 160 Seitenschneider für Kunststoff
KNIPEX 72 11 160 Seitenschneider für Kunststoff
KNIPEX 72 11 160 Seitenschneider für Kunststoff

72 11 160 Diagonal Cutter for plastics

  • Cutting face flush
  • For nearly flush cutting of moulded plastic components from sprues
  • Cuts soft materials such as lead in a flush cut
  • With opening spring
  • 45° angled blades
  • Vanadium electric steel; forged, oil-hardened
Technical attributes
Article No.
72 11 160
plastic coated
156 g
160 x 75 x 15 mm
REACH compliant
RohS compliant
Dimensions angle
45 °

Diagonal cutters for plastic and other soft materials

Why special diagonal cutters are needed for plastic

Diagonal cutters for wire have bevels on the cutting edges, producing a wedge-shaped cut towards the centre of the cut product. From a physical point of view, this wedge splits the material to be cut apart. The wire ends have wedge-shaped cut surfaces as a result. A flush, smooth cut is desired when separating moulded parts and sprues, however, in order to create the least finishing work when deburring. Diagonal cutters used here should not have any bevel towards the component to produce a straight cut surface. The cutting edges of the Knipex 72 11 160 diagonal cutters are surface ground. The sprue is cut off directly on the moulded part because the cutting edge runs parallel to the component.

Cutting edges at a 45° angle for deburring in poorly accessible areas

The Knipex 72 11 160 is used in plastics production when, for example, plastic moulded parts need to be mechanically separated from sprue after demoulding. The surface ground cutting faces are at an angle of 45°. The clean, flush disconnection of extruded plastic injection moulds and sprues or sprue residues is therefore also possible on difficult to reach areas, for example on large and angular components.

With opening spring to relieve strain on the user – compact and stable

In many cases, work steps in plastic injection moulding and other production processes repeat. Anyone who frequently separates sprues from moulded parts therefore appreciates the opening spring on the Knipex 72 11 160, because it saves an additional hand movement every time. At 160 mm long and weighing 156 g, the Knipex diagonal cutters for plastics are compact enough for mobile use in production processes. They are designed for many years of hard use in industry. We forge them from vanadium electric steel. We give them their high strength by heating and then quenching them in oil.

Brief overview

Compact diagonal cutters for plastic and soft materials such as lead

Knipex diagonal cutters for plastic and soft materials

One can see how good diagonal cutters are by the cut. This also applies when cutting plastic.

In addition to the quality forged parts made of vanadium electric steel, the most important quality criteria at Knipex include the precise machining of the tool steel manufactured in Germany. The material is cut flush using the surface ground cutting edges.

Thanks to their long tool life, Knipex diagonal cutters produce permanently accurate cuts.

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