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KNIPEX 97 52 20 Crimpzange kurze Bauform
KNIPEX 97 52 20 Crimpzange kurze Bauform
KNIPEX 97 52 20 Crimpzange kurze Bauform
KNIPEX 97 52 20 Crimpzange kurze Bauform
KNIPEX 97 52 20 Crimpzange kurze Bauform
KNIPEX 97 52 20 Crimpzange kurze Bauform

97 52 20
Crimping Pliers
Short design

  • Consistently high crimping quality thanks to precision dies and ratchet mechanism (unlockable)
  • Tools have been set precisely (calibrated) in the factory
  • Optimum transmission of force due to lever action for fatigue-reduced operation
  • Good handling due to 20° angled head, low weight and short design
  • Special quality chrome vanadium electric steel, oil-hardened
Technical attributes
Article No.
97 52 20
with multi-component grips
380 g
195 x 77 x 20 mm
REACH compliant
contains SVHC  
RoHS compliant
not applicable  
Coax-, BNC- and TNC-connectors RG 58/59/62/71/223
Number of crimping positions
Capacity SW mm
5.4 mm / 6.48 mm / 1.72 mm
Sleeves (diameter)
Ø 6.4 / 7.6 / 2.1 mm

Little time and effort required, ideal result. Good connection.

Intuitively professional crimping results with BNC and TNC COAX connectors

The crimping of BNC and TNC COAX connectors requires a great deal of experience and dexterity. Normally. The Knipex 97 52 20 crimping pliers permit professional, electrically safe connections to be made without prior experience. With these crimping pliers, the user intuitively does everything right because the integral lock ensures that the pliers only open once the optimal crimping pressure set in the factory has been reached.

The crimping pressure can be adjusted by hand if necessary. The integral lock can be released if required. These features produce consistently good results. BNC and TNC COAX connectors are reliably crimped to conductors in the precision-machined crimp profiles.

Toggle lever transmission brings considerable relief when crimping

The Knipex 97 52 20 crimping pliers operate with a toggle lever transmission. Toggle lever transmissions generate very efficient power reinforcement in a small space with a short stroke. The manual force on the Knipex 97 52 20 is noticeably reinforced. Much less physical effort is required compared to conventional crimping pliers. This pays dividends for the user, because stable connections can be produced with comparatively little time and effort. Force is effectively reinforced and reaches the connectors in well-measured way.

Two crimping processes for secure BNC and TNC COAX connections

The sheathed crimp sleeve is pushed over the COAX cable that has been stripped in two stages, and the central contact pin of the connector is inserted in the smallest crimping die. To hold the central contact pin in place, the lower handle is pulled with two fingers until both jaws lie on it. The cable core (central contact) of the stripped COAX cable is inserted and crimped to the central contact pin. The connector is then guided over the central contact and pressed as far as it can go towards the inner conductor insulation against the cable end. After combing the shielding braid forwards over the bushing on the connector, the sheathed crimp sleeve is pushed forwards over the shielding braid until it comes up against the connector housing. The sheathed crimp sleeve is then crimped to the connector and cable using a suitable hexagonal profile, establishing a connection that is free from electrical disturbance and is mechanically secure.

Brief overview

Extremely user-friendly crimping pliers with lever transmission

For BNC and TNC COAX RG 58; 59; 62; 71; 223 connectors

Toggle lever system for high efficiency

Integral lock (with release mechanism) only triggers on reaching the optimal crimping pressure

Consistently high crimping quality due to (adjustable) crimping pressure calibration

Chrome high-grade vanadium electric steel; oil-hardened

Handles with multi-component grips

Length 195 mm

Net weight 380 g

Durable and accurate

The precision die with the crimping dies made from high-grade chrome vanadium electric steel is extremely stable

Easier crimping

The reinforcement of manual force from the toggle lever ensures less tiring work.

Professional crimping result

Consistently high crimp quality and integral lock with release mechanism

For calibration inquiries, please contact our affiliated company RENNSTEIG WERKZEUGE GMBH under the following contact:


Mr. Uwe Wagner

[email protected]

Tel .: +49 36 847 441-59

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All variations

97 52 14
Crimping Pliers Short design
181-250 mm
atramentised / lacquered / burnished
multi-component grips
0,1 – 1,5 mm²
Length: 195 mm
97 59 14
Locator for 97 52 14
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