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KNIPEX 97 72 180 Crimpzange für Aderendhülsen
KNIPEX 97 72 180 Crimpzange für Aderendhülsen
KNIPEX 97 72 180 Crimpzange für Aderendhülsen
KNIPEX 97 72 180 Crimpzange für Aderendhülsen
KNIPEX 97 72 180 Crimpzange für Aderendhülsen
KNIPEX 97 72 180 Crimpzange für Aderendhülsen

97 72 180 Crimping Pliers for wire ferrules

  • Light and slim design
  • Also as VDE version
  • Easy crimping due to optimised transmission ratio
  • For crimping wire ferrules according to DIN 46228 parts 1 + 4 from 0.25 to 16 mm²
  • Crimping in marked half-round dies for reliable connections between the sleeve and the conductor
  • 9 particularly deep dies with conical side faces
  • Special tool steel, forged, oil-hardened
Technical attributes
Article No.
97 72 180
with multi-component grips
242 g
180 x 51 x 22 mm
Wire ferrules
Capacity in square millimetres
0.25 — 16.0 mm²
Number of crimping positions
24 — 6

Position and permanently crimp end sleeves according to DIN 46228 Part 1 + 4

For work in the motor vehicle area, in IT, on domestic electrical and electronic systems

The 97 72 180 crimping pliers from Knipex are a solid and accurate tool that can be used wherever end sleeves (ferrules) with a fir tree profile are crimped: e.g. when car electronics are retrofitted, conversion work is conducted on IT in the server room or in domestic electrical systems, e.g. during the installation of lighting elements or entertainment electronics.

Custom-fit alignment of the crimp profile to the crimp volume

To achieve a crimp result in line with the standard, the crimp profile must be carefully matched to the material volume of the end sleeve (ferrule) plus wires. This means that here too it is essential to have the appropriate tool. Appropriate is also the key word when selecting the right crimp die. Nine crimp dies with a capacity range of between 0.25 and 16 mm² are available in total. The fir tree profiles are clearly marked to prevent them being wrongly inserted. Thanks to the conical shape of the crimp profiles, the end sleeves (ferrules) are firmly held by the pliers.

Accurate and reliable crimping

Manual force can be measured easily when crimping end sleeves (ferrules) with the 97 72 180 crimping pliers because the transmission of the pliers has been designed for powerful crimping with little manual force. There is no need to use a great deal of force. Once the correct crimp die has been selected, the end sleeve sits permanently and securely next to the conductor.

Brief overview

Forged crimping pliers for crimping end sleeves (ferrules) in accordance with DIN 46228 Parts 1 + 4 in the capacity range of from 0.25 to 16 mm²

Length 180 mm

Net weight 283 g

Manufactured from special tool steel, oil-hardened

Polished pliers head

With multi-component grips

Crimping pliers from Knipex: good quality for maximum durability

Crimping pliers for end sleeves (ferrules) from the Knipex range are impressive by virtue of their smooth operation and perfect transmission ratio. Crimping is easy.

Knipex crimping pliers are manufactured on modern machinery using special tool steel and are then oil-hardened. The safe use and great benefits of the tools are the results of decades of toolmaking experience, constant product development and the commitment by Knipex towards high quality standards.

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