We feel a close connection with our region and its people, and as a company want to contribute to the general well-being of the community. For this reason, we support several local institutions and projects, especially those involved in educational, cultural and social activities. We co-operate with a number of schools, the Junior Uni Wuppertal and the Bergische University. Moreover, we are currently expanding our international efforts to other continents, e.g. Africa.


Working with schools, universities and organisations

Working with schools, universities and organisations

Good contact between schools, universities and business can provide vocational guidance for young people, while enabling us, as companies, to find out about the expectations and needs of the future generation.  For this reason, we look for co-operations, partnerships, sponsorships or projects that offer contact to schoolchildren and students from educational institutions in Wuppertal, the neighbouring Bergische towns and throughout the world.

  • Partnerships with three Wuppertal schools.
  • Sponsorship of the Hermann-Herberts school “Programm Klasse 2000” (class of 2000 programme) and support of school projects at this school.
  • Co-operation with the Bergisches Schul-Technikum (technical school project for the Bergisches Land region) - courses aimed at occupations and degrees in science and technology.
  • Founding and project partner of the “Strahlemann Talent Company” at the Erich-Fried comprehensive school in Wuppertal, focusing on career guidance.
  • Co-operation with the Schwertstraße grammar school in Solingen and UnternehmensGrün  e. V. in the “Environmental Professionals of Tomorrow” project, with the task of enabling schoolchildren to gain project experience with companies that support sustainability.

  • Support of international school projects

    • Funding the building of a two-stream high school in Kitamba / Uganda (in co-operation with the friends’ association “Our children and our future e.V.”).
    • Support of the school project “Colegio Diospi Suyana” in Peru with the aim of offering an education to children living in deprived conditions.

  • Sponsor of the “Junior Uni Wuppertal” for children and young people, which is unique in Germany.

  • Since the introduction of the Germany-wide bursary for the Bergische University in Wuppertal in 2011, KNIPEX has been an active sponsor of dedicated students (currently KNIPEX is supporting 10 students) in various subject areas.

  • Social commitment of the KNIPEX apprentices: KNIPEX apprentices help at a non-profit institution in and around Wuppertal on two days a year- in addition to the work they do there, this also gives them an insight into the work performed by social institutions.



Local commitment

Local commitment

  • “Last cents campaign” – every cent counts: KNIPEX employees donate the residual cents (the amount after the decimal point on their salary payment) to the Burgholz children’s hospice in Wuppertal.

  • Founding partner and project partner of the “Bergische Gesellschaft für Ressourceneffizienz mbH” (Bergische company for resource efficiency).

  • Partner and sponsor of the Wuppertal TiC theatre.

  • Partner of the W-tec (technology centre, especially for new enterprises).

  • Partner of the Wuppertal-Marketing GmbH (to boost the attraction and awareness of Wuppertal).

  • Company’s own museum on the history of tool manufacture.

Sponsorship, donations and voluntary activities

Sponsorship, donations and voluntary activities

  • Co-initiator and main sponsor of the “Bergischen cultural fund” (to promote the free cultural scene).

  • Sponsorship of the Wuppertal environmental education association “Nature and environment station”.

  • Honorary posts and supporting membership in charitable organisations.

  • Sponsorship of sports clubs, concerts, choirs etc.

We support the “Wuppertal Bergische Music School” with its task of developing musical skills in the old and the young, and encouraging their talents in the best possible way. The “SingPause” project we sponsor reaches over 1800 primary school children.