We believe that social sustainability includes creating and maintaining good and secure jobs. In addition to the thorough training of young people, this includes suitable vocational training and further development for our employees.  Measures to maintain or improve health at work and the reconciling of work and family are further key elements.  We listen to what our employees tell us in regular employee surveys; these help us to uncover weaknesses and work on them in order to make further improvements.


We are pleased that we are the first company in Germany to have been certified as an “Excellent employer and training company” by TÜV Rheinland.

Initial and continuous vocational training

In 2014 KNIPEX was given the seal for being an “Outstanding training company”

Initial and continuous vocational training

  • Comprehensive apprenticeship activity – currently 40 apprentices.

  • Intensive apprenticeship support through three full-time instructors – in our own large and well-equipped training workshop

  • Winner of the “Bergische training prize” in 2013 (application for this is only possible every 3 years).

  • Our apprentices are regularly among the best performing students in the region.

  • Pioneer in the region for in-service qualification as machine and installations operator for staff without or from a different area of vocational training – currently 14 trainees.

  • In addition to technical training, great importance is attached to the personal development of KNIPEX apprentices.  We promote this through social projects, project work with groups of schoolchildren and team training.

  • In the KNIPEX Junior company, our apprentices can put their entrepreneurial thoughts and actions to the test.

  • “KNIPEX Saturday Academy” – generic seminars for all employees.  Subjects include an acting workshop, improving negotiation skills, character building, learning creative techniques, mastering changes, communication training as well as cooking events and the industrial history of the region.

  • Encouraging continuing vocational qualification of our employees through special leave, sharing the cost and educational loans.

  • Participation in the intercompany “dreipunktnull” personnel development programme.

  • Combined degree and apprenticeship, combination studies as well as support during bachelor and master dissertations.



Promoting health

The 2015 team of KNIPEX Cobras

Promoting health

  • With our health management concept “KNIPEXbewegt” (KNIPEX moves), we are pursuing the objective of maintaining and promoting the health of our employees.  In addition to company activities, we also motivate our employees to take the initiative themselves.  To do this, with regional partners we organise regular activity days on subjects associated with nutrition, exercise and relaxation, skin health, fitness and ergonomics.

  • Workstations are designed ergonomically on the basis of a systematic analysis or assessment of physical and psychological stress and hazards.  

  • Courses for back exercises, functional training or Nordic walking take place directly after work on several days a week.

  • Suspension railway run, company football tournament.

  • In our canteen employees can get a healthy, balanced meal with food that is in season and, where possible, is also local.  

  • “Healthy leadership” course for managers.

  • Help with giving up smoking, e.g. through the offer of laser application and group non-smoking training.  

  • Massage days with a mobile massage facility at work.

Reconciling work and family life

Reconciling work and family life

  • Own day care centre “KNIPSKISTE”, which offers set places to former Knipexians – for example as a story-reading grandma - in addition to the children of our employees

  • Flexible working time models, including a part-time model with flexible shift length or location, flexible working time (-/+ 100 hours) or flexitime (-10 to + 50 hours) and working time accounts.

  • Offers of counselling by an external psychologist about personal and family issues, with the costs for this covered by the company.

  • Advice about “Caring for family members”.

  • Integration of former employees in company life, e.g. looking after the museum, working in the day care centre, DIY workshop for employees and
    company tours.

The proximity of the KNIPSKISTE to KNIPEX also permits the odd visit to daddy’s workplace.