Cable and Wire Rope Shears

KNIPEX-cable shears with sharp, precison-ground blades and special blade geometry ensure low crush cutting with minimum pressure points (e.g. KNIPEX 95 11 200, 95 16 165).


Thicker cables up to 52 mm in diameter can be cut with the ratchet cutters (e.g. KNIPEX 95 31 280) with relatively little effort. Cutting in stages using a ratchet drive allows easy one-handed operation.


Ribbon cable can be cut without crushing and without burring using the ribbon cable cutter (e.g. KNIPEX 94 15 250). The right angled cut ensures perfect joints to connectors.


When cutting wire cables the special cutting geometry prevents the cable deforming (e.g. KNIPEX 95 61 190, 95 62 190). Hardened blades ensure high wear resistance.


Optimal transmission ratios produce above average cutting capacity with relatively low hand force. Overhead cables with integral straining wires can be cut with little effort using the KNIPEX special wire cable shears (e.g. KNIPEX 95 71 and 95 81).