KNIPEX StriX Insulation Stripper with Cable Shears
with tether attachment point
DIN ISO 5749

13 66 180 T (online-normal)
13 66 180 T zoom
pliers chrome plated, handles insulated with multi-component grips, VDE-tested, with integrated insulated tether attachment point for a tool tether

IEC 60900DIN EN 60900

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  • For single, multiple and fine stranded conductors with plastic or rubber insulation up to 5.0 mm dia. or 10 mm² cable cross-section
  • Increments in the jaw provide a visual orientation aid for stripping consistent lengths (11 mm and 16 mm)
  • Easy adjustment to the required diameter of solid or stranded wire with knurled screw and lock nut
  • Shear blade for cutting copper and aluminium cable up to Ø 15 mm (5 x 2.5 mm²)
  • Slim dimensions for easy access
  • Bolted joint: precise, zero backlash operation of pliers
  • High-grade special tool steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened

Article No.EAN
Stripping capacities in square millimetres
Stripping capacities (diameter)
Ø mm
Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded
Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded (diameter)
Ø mm
Net weight
13 66 180 T081906108550,0015,00180212
technical change and errors excepted