Tethering System Set

00 50 04 T BK (online-normal)
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  • The tool protection system with diverse applications, ranging from building construction to industrial climbing
  • Reliably prevents the tool falling down, and can protect against serious injuries, damage to property or loss
  • Set with tether, adapter straps and carabiners
  • The combination of the separate parts produces a versatile system with a large number of attachment options
  • Attractive sales packaging with Euro standard perforation
  • Read all warnings and instructions on product and packaging carefully prior to use
  • NO PPE = No Personal Protective Equipment
  • Only for latching tools from the KNIPEX Tethered Tools range, connected and combined in accordance with tethering system instructions
  • Tether extends to length of around 5 feet (1.5 m). Rig to avoid contact with objects below.
  • Do not use around moving or rotating equipment.
  • Will not support human weight.
  • Inspect for wear before each use. Do not use if evidence of wear.

Article No.EAN
Net weight
00 50 04 T BK0813881 x tether, 3 x adapter strap and 2 x carabiner115
technical change and errors excepted