Cable tie cutting set

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  • For reliable removal of cable harnesses, e. g. in the aerospace industry
  • Pliers Wrench with special laser tooling for a good hold: grip the head of the cable tie, compress and release it - without cutting
  • Precision Electronics Diagonal Cutter with rounded pliers head: for the low-risk cutting of cable ties in confined spaces or when the cable tie head cannot be held; also suitable for cutting hard wires up to Ø 0.7 mm
The cable tie can be safely gripped and compressed with the laser-tooled jaws

All edges on the pliers head are specially rounded – unintentional damage to the insulation is avoided

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86 05 150 S02Pliers Wrench, with roughened jaws1KNPK0171_Greif_s.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0071_Gelenk_s.gif (online-thumb)
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