KNIPEX TwistCut Corrugated pipe cutter

90 22 01 SB (online-normal)
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90 22 02 SB (online-normal)
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With wire stripping mechanism for single conductors

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  • For corrugated pipes with Ø of 13 - 32 mm
  • For cutting empty or ready-assembled corrugated pipes to length
  • Application in the electrical and construction trades and for plumbing work
  • Recessed blades prevent injuries
  • Exact, flush cut, without damaging the internal cables
  • Cut on the outside of fluting – no sharp raw edge inside the corrugated pipe
  • Fast and reliable work
  • Simple insertion of the corrugated pipe for reliable and simple cutting: no waste
  • In the case of thick-walled corrugated pipes, reapply after the circular cut just behind the cut, and break off the corrugated pipe
  • Slim and ergonomically shaped for work in poorly accessible areas
  • Double-sided guide for a precise cut
  • Body made of stable polyamide compound plastic
Internal cables cannot be damaged when cutting the corrugated pipes externally on the ridge. As a result, the inner pipe end at the cut point always indicates a radius, so that no line is damaged during subsequent movements of the conductors or when inserting a new or additional conductor.

Easy to use: press KNIPEX TwistCut together, turn with slight pressure, done
Also for protective pipes on aluminium composite pipes in plumbing, up to a diameter of 32 mm
Convenient handling due to fastener with locking device and opening by means of internal spring
Clean cutting edge with no damage to internal cables as the cut is always at the top of the corrugation
90 22 02 SB: Practical locator simplifies the insertion of single conductors for stripping
90 22 02 SB: Injection moulded length scale for consistent stripping to a uniform length, legible for left and right handed users

Article No.EAN
Cutting capacities (diameter)
Ø mm
Wire stripping value for conductors and strands
Net weight
90 22 01 SB08228613 - 32 10047
90 22 02 SB08229313 - 320,2 - 4,010046
technical change and errors excepted