Electronics Diagonal Cutters ESD with inserted carbide metal cutting edges
DIN ISO 9654
DIN EN 61 340-5

77 02 120 H ESD (online-normal)
77 02 120 H ESD zoom
head mirror polished, handles with multi-component grips, round head

ESD_Piktogramm.gif (online-thumb) Elektronik_RZ.gif (online-thumb) KNPK1311_gruen.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0071_Gelenk_s.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0121_Feder_s.gif (online-thumb)
77 32 120 H ESD (online-normal)
77 32 120 H ESD zoom
head mirror polished, handles with multi-component grips, pointed head with chamfer

ESD_Piktogramm.gif (online-thumb) Elektronik_RZ.gif (online-thumb) KNPK1321_gelb.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0071_Gelenk_s.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0121_Feder_s.gif (online-thumb)

  • For extreme demands on cutting pliers caused by hard or tough materials, e.g. piano, nickel, tungsten and diode wire, such as those used more frequently in the electronics and aerospace industries
  • Always the right cutting tool, even with the hardest material
  • Precision carbide metal cutting edges soldered into forged blanks
  • Sturdy, zero-backlash box joint
  • Hardness of the carbide cutting edges 80 – 83 HRC
  • Pliers with carbide metal cutting edges have a substantially longer service life than such with conventional cutting edges
  • Constantly reliable cutting results due to the avoidance of cutter deformations
  • High cost saving due to longer service life of the pliers
  • Electrically discharging handles - dissipative
    Model 77 32 120 H ESD :
  • Pointed head with chamfer
  • With small bevel

ESD pliers (electrostatic discharge)

electrostatic energy is discharged through the handles in a gradual and controlled manner

which protects components endangered by electrostatic discharge

in accordance with applicable standards, e.g. IEC TR 61 340-5, DIN EN 61 340-5, SP Method 2472


Article No.EAN
Cutting capacities soft wire (diameter)
Ø mm
Cutting capacities medium hard wire (diameter)
Ø mm
Cutting capacities hard wire (diameter)
Ø mm
Cutting capacities piano wire (diameter)
Ø mm
Net weight
77 02 120 H ESD0758132,01,401,000,6014,0011,007,5012085
77 02 135 H ESD0758372,21,601,200,8018,0015,009,50135115
77 32 120 H ESD0758201,61,000,600,2014,0011,007,0012080
technical change and errors excepted