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97 90 00 LE (online-normal)
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  • T-Loc fastener for one-handed operation: open or close the systainer® with one turn and connect to a second systainer®
  • Opening when connected: fast and simple access to content without disconnecting
    Model 97 90 00 :
  • With Crimp Grip Pliers 97 00 215 A

Article No.EAN
Nominal size Waage_s.gif
97 90 00 LE054009 26517067900
97 90 00 To be discontinued 025375TANOS MINI-systainer® empty 
97 00 215 ACrimp Grip Pliers1  974906z1.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0121_Feder_s.gif (online-thumb)
 Blade Terminal Sockets, 6,3x0,8 mm254,0-6,0 mm²  
 Blade Terminal Sockets, 6,3x0,8 mm251,5-2,5 mm²  
 Blade Terminal Sockets, 6,3x0,8 mm250,5-1 mm²  
 Round Sockets, Ø 4 mm250,5-1,0 mm²  
 Cable Connectors, eye type, Ø 4 mm250,5-1 mm²  
 Cable Connectors, eye type, Ø 4 mm251,5-2,5 mm²  
 Cable Connectors, eye type, Ø 5 mm251,5-2,5 mm²  
 Cable Connectors, eye type, Ø 5 mm254,0-6,0 mm²  
 Cable Connectors, eye type, Ø 6 mm254,0-6,0 mm²  
 Butt Connectors, insulated, Red250,5-1 mm²  
 Butt Connectors, insulated, Blue251,5-2,5 mm²  
 Round Pin Plugs, Ø 4 mm250,5-1,0 mm²  

To be discontinued To be discontinued
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97 90 00 LE 4003773054009TANOS MINI-systainer® empty
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