95 32 100 Cable Cutter

(ratchet action)

with telescopic handles

 No.95 32 100
 EAN 4003773071570
 Head burnished
 Handles with multi-component grips
Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded (diameter)Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded (diameter) 100 Ø mm
Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-strandedCutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded 960 mm²
 MCM 1900
LengthLength 680 mm
Net weightNet weight 4980 g
  • For copper and aluminium single conductors as well as multiple stranded cables - also with hard rubber or plastic sheath
  • Not suitable for steel wire and wire ropes
  • Also suitable for cables with iron sheath reinforcement
  • Little hand force required for cutting due to optimum transmission ratio
  • High cutting capacity due to two-hand operation and ratchet action
  • The blade can be opened in any cutting position
  • Handle length with multiple position adjustment from 400 - 610 mm (short transport length, individual adaptation to working conditions)
  • Blade: special-quality high-grade tool steel, oil-hardened
  • Handles: high-strength oval aluminium tubing
  • Tool length: 650 - 860 mm
  • Weight only 4980 g

Spare Parts
95 39 8704003773025306Movable spare blade for 95 31 870 / 95 32 100 (ratchet action)
technical change and errors excepted