12 12 13 Precision Insulation Stripper

with adapted blades


 No.12 12 13
 EAN 4003773077534
 Pliers burnished
 Handles with multi-component grips
 AWG 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20
LengthLength 195 mm
Net weightNet weight 450 g
  • Form-fit stripping also of difficult-to-remove insulating materials made of PTFE, silicone, Radox®, Kapton® and rubber; multi-layer too
  • A second pair of blades holds the remaining insulation reliably in place
  • Replaceable shaped blade adapted precisely to the respective conductor cross-section
  • With length stop for constant stripping length during repetitive work
  • Pliers body: steel
  • Blade: special tool steel, oil-hardened
  • Especially for cables in accordance with the American specification (AWG)

Precisely and reliably

Two pairs of blades (1) cut the insulation to a complete extent. Then the blade pairs move apart, and thus the insulation is removed form-fit (2). The pliers open automatically after the stripping procedure.


Principle of operation with adapted blades

Properly and precise stripping with an annular cut through the complete insulation. This is particularly important with conductors, which must be stripped precisely.

This works without any problem even with difficult insulating materials made of PTFE, Radox® and multilayer insulations.

Precise cutting of the insulation to a complete extent

Positive stripping thanks to precise shape of the blades

Spare Parts
12 19 1340037730775581 set of spare blades for 12 12 13 with adapted blades
technical change and errors excepted