Pipe cutting redefined

The KNIPEX TubiX® pipe cutter ensures faster, easier and more accurate cutting


KNIPEX Innovation 2020

KNIPEX TubiX® pipe cutter

NEW: precise positioning with only one hand


Revolution - innovative QuickLock single-handed quick adjustment: automatic holding and clamping on copper, brass and stainless steel pipes


Fast and accurate - Positioning of the cutting wheel on different pipe diameters


Comfortable - easy cutting by means of high-quality needle bearings in the cutting wheel and guide rollers

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Accurate positioning with only one hand, making cutting easier than ever

That's how it's done!



Faster, easier and more precise cutting

NEW: Work faster thanks to single-handed quick adjustment


Thanks to high-quality needle bearings, the four guide rollers run with practically no friction during cutting - making it easier to cut stainless steel pipes in particular


The needle bearing mounted and spring loaded cutting wheel made of high quality ball bearing steel is easy to change


Due to the one-handed quick adjustment, the spring-loaded cutting wheel can be pushed close to the diameter of the tube and fixed in place

The housing of the KNIPEX TubiX ® pipe cutter conceals a practical deburrer. It can easily be pushed out for use or completely removed for more difficult to reach interfaces

The cutting wheel is made of high quality ball bearing steel and therefore very robust. If it does need to be changed, it can be easily replaced with the spare wheel from the grip knob


    Cutting now made easy: position the opened KNIPEX TubiX®


    Push the cutting wheel against the pipe with the QuickLock single hand quick adjustment: fastest adjustment to different pipe diameters


  3   Tighten and cut with a swift twist and then readjust using the ergonomic blue feeding barrel ...


  4   and you're done! If necessary, have the edge smoothed out using the fold-out deburring tool – with surprisingly little effort

From the KNIPEX workshop: Product manager Nico Boden presents the KNIPEX TubiX®


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