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The KNIPEX PreciStrip16 quickly and precisely strips fine, flexible and solid cables

Innovation 2020

KNIPEX PreciStrip16

Automatically strips insulation – and thanks to additional zero correction, it also grips where automatic devices would otherwise fail

The KNIPEX PreciStrip16 strips fine, flexible and solid cables quickly and precisely. The capacity range extends from 0.08 to 16 mm². The pliers can be readily adjusted with a dial for special materials or temperature requirements. Precise stripping of insulation is ensured through the parabolic stripping blades. Semi-circular grooved metal holding clamps ensure perfect grip.


 1  Large capacity range: simple, precise stripping and cutting of fine-stranded wires and solid round cables from 0.08 to 16 mm²


 2  Excellent grip: thanks to semi-circular grooved metal holding clamps and accurate cutting via the parabolic stripping blade


 3  Fine adjustment: precise adjustment of the blade for special materials or temperature requirements

 Versatile  With a cable cutter for multi-stranded cables from 0.08 to 16 mm², solid cables up to 6 mm²


 Adjustable length stop  For consistently accurate work


 Comfortable handling   Through ergonomic dual-component handle


 Extremely practical

- With a tether attachment point, suitable for KNIPEX Tethered Tools accessories

- Labelling field for personalisation

- Easily replaceable blade cassette


 i  Advantage of parabolic blades

The parabolic blade pair (visible at the top behind the upper holding clamp in the top right-hand corner of the illustration) fully enclose and strip the insulation, making it suitable for many flexible materials.


Stripping with the PreciStrip16

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The advantages of the PreciStrip16

All features in detail

Semi-circular grooved holding clamp for better grip that holds practically any insulation material securely in place

Parabolic blade separates the insulation first and then automatically pulls it back

For special requirements, such as particularly hard or soft insulation materials, optimum fine adjustments can be made using the adjustment wheel with its tactile locking positions

Cable cutter on top: reliably cuts flexible cables up to 16 mm², solid cables up to 6 mm²

Inscription area for customisation

With tether attachment point, suitable for KNIPEX Tethered Tools accessories

 1   Extremely simple: Insert the cable up to the adjustable length stop and the robust holding clamps securely grip the cable.

 2  Cut and remove: The parabolic blades cut the insulation without damaging the conductor. The mechanism of the high-tech PreciStrip16 insulation stripper automatically removes the cut material.

 3  Clean cut and you're done: The KNIPEX PreciStrip16 removes the insulation cleanly with a single press of the hand.

Practical workshop tips

The advantages of the PreciStrip16

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