Sometimes there are symbols in our catalogue next to the pliers. On this side you find a short description what they stand for:

F crimp narrowF crimp narrow
Hexagonal crimp automaticHexagonal crimp automatic
Mandrel crimp narrowMandrel crimp narrow
Square crimp automaticSquare crimp automatic
Trapezoidal crimp frontTrapezoidal crimp front

centre cuttercentre cutter
cutting edges with bevelcutting edges with bevel
cutting edges with small bevelcutting edges with small bevel
cutting edges with very small bevelcutting edges with very small bevel
cutting edges without bevelcutting edges without bevel
for flush cut of soft materialsfor flush cut of soft materials

ACSR cableACSR cable
Cu- + Al-multi-conductor cable, solid and multi-strandedCu- + Al-multi-conductor cable, solid and multi-stranded
hard wirehard wire
medium hard wiremedium hard wire
piano wirepiano wire
ribbon cableribbon cable
soft wiresoft wire
steel wire armoured cable (SWA)steel wire armoured cable (SWA)
wire ropewire rope

Bolted jointBolted joint
box jointbox joint
cross-hatched, knurled gripping surfacescross-hatched, knurled gripping surfaces
flat and pointed jawsflat and pointed jaws
flat jawsflat jaws
half-round jawshalf-round jaws
Jaws, angled, 12°Jaws, angled, 12°
Jaws, angled, 15°Jaws, angled, 15°
Jaws, angled, 20°Jaws, angled, 20°
jaws, angled, 22°jaws, angled, 22°
Jaws, angled, 27°Jaws, angled, 27°
Jaws, angled, 30°Jaws, angled, 30°
Jaws, angled, 35°Jaws, angled, 35°
Jaws, angled, 40°Jaws, angled, 40°
Jaws, angled, 45°Jaws, angled, 45°
Jaws, angled, 60°Jaws, angled, 60°
Jaws, angled, 65°Jaws, angled, 65°
Jaws, angled, 70°Jaws, angled, 70°
Jaws, angled, 85°Jaws, angled, 85°
Jaws, angled, 90°Jaws, angled, 90°
knurled gripping surfacesknurled gripping surfaces
round jawsround jaws
smooth gripping surfacessmooth gripping surfaces
with lead catcherwith lead catcher
with opening springwith opening spring

External square 1/2External square 1/2"
Hexagonal diameterHexagonal diameter
Hexagonal socketHexagonal socket
Internal square 1/2Internal square 1/2"
Internal square 3/8Internal square 3/8"
Pipe diameterPipe diameter
Pipe inside diameter (nominal size)Pipe inside diameter (nominal size)
socket diametersocket diameter
Square diameterSquare diameter
step-like squarestep-like square
Width across flatsWidth across flats
with driving square 3/8with driving square 3/8"

Cross recessed screwCross recessed screw
Externel circlipExternel circlip
Grip ringGrip ring
Internal ringInternal ring
Pozidriv cross recessed screwPozidriv cross recessed screw
Retaining ring, diagonalRetaining ring, diagonal
Retaining ring, straightRetaining ring, straight
Slotted screwSlotted screw

conforms to a European directiveconforms to a European directive
electrostatic discharging, dissipativeelectrostatic discharging, dissipative
insulated according to DIN VDE 0680/1, usable up to 1000 V AC / 1500 V DCinsulated according to DIN VDE 0680/1, usable up to 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC
insulated according to IEC 60900, usable up to 1000 V AC/1500 V DCinsulated according to IEC 60900, usable up to 1000 V AC/1500 V DC
mechanically tested in accordance with the Equipment and Product Safety Actmechanically tested in accordance with the Equipment and Product Safety Act
To be discontinuedTo be discontinued
VDE tested, also in compliance with GPSG (Equipment and Product Safety Act)VDE tested, also in compliance with GPSG (Equipment and Product Safety Act)
WEEE marking (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive)WEEE marking (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive)