The Cobra QuickSet as the “king in the ring”

Spotrocker videos show the Cobra QuickSet in a completely different way

The KNIPEX Cobra QuickSet climbs into the ring against a twisting screw – who will win the contest?

In the summer of 2016, KNIPEX started a video competition with the online site “Spotrocker” and called on young, creative filmmakers to make videos about the Cobra QuickSet. KNIPEX announced the winning videos at the end of the year.

Spotrocker is an online site for advertising spot competitions where brand-name manufacturers can commission video campaigns. This is how the concept works: filmmakers registered with Spotrocker – hobby filmmakers as well as professional video producers – make up the Spotrocker “community”. They send in their videos and rate, comment on and disseminate the videos. The winners receive a cash prize, and the most diligent voters are also rewarded with a small prize.

A wide range of ideas

There was an excellent response to the KNIPEX campaign, and over 30 videos were submitted. KNIPEX was extremely impressed by some of the very creative and original approaches selected to highlight the benefits of the Cobra QuickSet. And this is precisely the reason why KNIPEX initiated this campaign. The aim was to take a look at new, fresh ideas, to see our products from different perspectives, and to use these to derive inspiration for our product presentation.

It was by no means easy to choose the winners from the many fantastic spots. KNIPEX assessed the videos according to the following criteria:

  • Creativeness (idea, story, originality)
  • Implementation (images, audio, drama)
  • Impact (power of persuasion, memorability).

The choice was nevertheless difficult, therefore KNIPEX decided to also reward places 6 to 15 for their creativity. The filmmakers behind the spots each received a pliers package in time for Christmas. 

The winning videos

In the video that won third place, a young girl is trying to reach the biscuit tin on the top shelf – how can the Cobra QuickSet help?

The “Bildfabrik” in Wülfrath took third place with an emotional story about a young girl and an unreachable biscuit tin. The other videos show the Cobra in a gallant legend, and there was even a Cobra song with music video. The user “tonjuwelen” was the winner. In his spot, the Cobra QuickSet is standing in the ring against a fast twisting screw. The commentator expects a one-sided contest, because the screw is simply twisting too fast. So how does the battle end?

You can find out at the end of the page or on YouTube, where we have put together the best spots for you. It is worth a look!