KNIPEX acquires majority in Osnabrück-based IT company LMIS AG

The Wuppertal-based pliers manufacturer KNIPEX with 1,100 employees at the Wuppertal-Cronenberg plant has acquired the majority of shares in LMIS AG, an IT company with a workforce of 80 and headquarters in Osnabrück. KNIPEX will therefore be able to tap into the long standing IT expertise of the new subsidiary in future to advance the digital transformation of the corporate group. In return, the IT service provider is given a first-hand in-depth insight into the processes of an industrial company and can strengthen its competence and competitiveness in this way. 

Since 2000, the IT company LMIS AG from Osnabrück has offered customers particularly from the energy, telecommunications and healthcare sectors services for the complete life cycle of individual IT solutions: from IT consulting through planning, realisation / software development, testing and quality assurance to operations (application management) and business optimisation (application performance management and monitoring). The range of services is complemented by a training product entitled LMISacademy. Further locations in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Berlin ensure additional customer proximity.

The collaboration was sounded out over several months and it quickly became clear that the competencies complemented each other very well so that the move offers good opportunities for both enterprises. 

Marco Barenkamp, CEO of LMIS AG, is duly satisfied. 
“Our LMIS AG has now almost come of age and is ready for the next important growth phase, which entails securing jobs in the long term, establishing additional locations, tapping new technologies and customer segments.”  Barenkamp founded the IT company in 2000 together with the current director Axel van Lil and is convinced: “The ambitious goals can be reached even faster through the collaboration with KNIPEX “.

KNIPEX CEO Ralf Putsch adds: “We see good opportunities in all corporate areas to become better and more efficient through the extended use of information technology. With an experienced and competent partner we now have considerably more chance of recognizing and enhancing this potential. The participation in LMIS fits our strategy of having important technologies in the Group and managing them ourselves”. 

LMIS is planning to open its next branch in Wuppertal. This is intended to simplify collaboration with Knipex but also with other existing and future enterprises in the region.