2020 Innovations

Faster, easier and smarter with KNIPEX

These three smart tools make things as easy as 1-2-3:

 1  - The pipe cutter cuts copper, brass and stainless steel pipes quickly and easily

 2  - This automatic insulation stripper strips wires with ease

 3  - The smallest fully functional water pump pliers grip like a big tool and can fit in your pocket!


KNIPEX TubiX® pipe cutter

The compact KNIPEX TubiX® pipe cutter featuring the innovative QuickLock single-handed adjustment feature cuts through copper, brass and stainless steel with ease.

There’s no simpler way to cut pipes! The KNIPEX TubiX® pipe cutter’s unique handling makes it easy to accurately cut pipes up to 35 millimetres in diameter and with a wall thickness up to 2 millimetres. An integrated deburring tool is also included in this useful device.


 Revolution  - QuickLock fast positioning of the cutting wheel with just one hand


 Convenient  - clamps to the pipe by itself


 Easy cutting  - high-quality needle bearings on the cutting wheel and guide rolls


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KNIPEX PreciStrip16

Automatically strips insulation from all standard cables – and thanks to an innovative fine adjustment, it also grips where other automatic devices would fail.

The KNIPEX PreciStrip 16 strips fine, flexible and solid cables quickly and precisely. The capacity range extends from 0.08 to 16 mm². The pliers can be readily adjusted with a dial for special materials or temperature requirements. Exact stripping of insulation is guaranteed with the parabolic stripping blade. Semi-circular metal holding clamps ensure perfect grip.


 Wide capacity range  - simple, precise stripping and cutting of fine wires and solid round cables from 0.08 to 16 mm²


 Excellent grip  - provided by semi-circular grooved metal holding clamps and accurate cutting from the parabolic stripping blade


 Fine adjustment  - accurate setting of the blade for special materials or temperature requirements


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Grips like a big tool: the smallest water pump pliers with full functional capability

The KNIPEX Cobra® XS, the smallest high-tech water pump pliers in the world with full functional capability, are only 100 millimetres long. These particularly slender pliers are ideal in tight spaces on the workpiece due to their compact design and extremely narrow head: they can be comfortably used with just one hand and can fit in your pocket.


 Optimum access  - in the narrowest spaces: an especially compact design with a very slim head 


 Single-handed fine adjustment  - simply slide for optimal fitting to various workpiece sizes. 


 Long-lasting secure grip  - ensured by high wear resistance


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