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KNIPEX 91 13 250 Fliesenbrechzange
KNIPEX 91 13 250 Fliesenbrechzange
KNIPEX 91 13 250 Fliesenbrechzange
KNIPEX 91 13 250 Fliesenbrechzange
KNIPEX 91 13 250 Fliesenbrechzange
KNIPEX 91 13 250 Fliesenbrechzange

91 13 250
Tile Breaking Pliers

  • For the precise cutting (breaking) of tiles and porcelain stoneware after scoring with a tile cutter
  • Ideal for long and thick tiles
  • Ideal protection of tiles against damage: replaceable positioning jaw made from soft, stable plastic
  • Great crushing force thanks to 10-fold increase of manual force
  • Easily adjusted to the required tile thickness at the press of a button
Technical attributes
Article No.
91 13 250
plastic coated
560 g
250 x 58 x 40 mm
REACH compliant
does not contain SVHC
RoHS compliant
not applicable

For tiling without mess and noise

Better results – less waste

Especially in the case of expensive tiles, it is not only annoying and time-consuming when tiles break in the wrong place during cutting, but also costs money when waste is produced. The tile breaking pliers from Knipex are a powerful, precision tool: strong due to the 10-fold reinforcement of manual force, which can be accurately measured when transferring force to the material being cut. Score a sufficiently deep straight line the length of the tile, place pliers on the outlet side and press closed – done. There is no need for noisy, messy angle grinders. The contact jaw, manufactured from soft, stable plastic, aligns by itself, so that these pliers go easy on the supply of tiles and support the tiler in his work.

10-fold reinforcement of manual force: low effort for big results

Thanks to the 10-fold reinforcement of manual force, not much manual force is deployed. And because not much effort is involved, force can be dispensed well to the tile or stoneware to be cut. After centring the support jaw on the crack produced with the tile cutter, the tile or stoneware is broken with little effort. Narrow strips are also possible.

Fine adjustment and clean working

The fine adjustment of the tile breaking pliers enables the pliers to be ideally adjusted to the thickness of the tile on the one hand and to the size of hands on the other. When adjusting to the thickness of the material, the handle width is adapted to the hand of the user at the same time. Irrespective of material and size, all tiles which are designed to be broken – for example without a strongly profiled surface – can be accurately trimmed. There is often no need to use machines that create a great deal of dust and noise when cutting tiles. The plastic jaws can be easily replaced if necessary.

Brief overview

Ideal for breaking thick and long tiles and stoneware tiles

Accurate cut edges also on long and thin strips

Ideal adjustment to hands and material thickness thanks to fine adjustment

Self-adjusting contact jaw made from soft and stable plastic, replaceable

Length 250 mm

Net weight 560 g

Forged from chrome vanadium electric steel, oil-hardened and chrome-plated

Handles coated with non-slip plastic

Special tool from Knipex: function and quality are of prime importance

The same function and quality standards apply to special tools such as these tile breaking pliers as to all other pliers from Knipex. They must give users the best support in their work and last as long as possible. The great benefits of the tools and their safe, comfortable use are the results of decades of experience making pliers, continuous product development and the commitment by Knipex towards high quality standards. Pliers from Knipex are built for many years of use in a professional environment.

The tile breaking pliers are the ideal tool for accurately breaking long and thick tiles – without any dust or noise.

Individual strips can be cut without great effort thanks to 10-fold reinforcement of manual force.

The pivotable plastic contact jaw rests ideally on the tile, thereby ensuring a clean break and reliably protecting the tile from damage.

Even very narrow strips are broken easily and cleanly using the tile breaking pliers from Knipex.

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