Plumber’s tool case 52 parts

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  • Strong tool case for professional use
  • For extensive plumbing and installation work
  • Equipped with 52 brand tools
  • Flexible options due to the individual partitioning of the inserts in the 60 mm deep base tray and its cover plate with six large tool compartments
  • Tough ratchet hinges hold the lid open where necessary despite the deadweight of the tools
  • Two lockable steel flip locks protect the case contents from theft
  • Tough and lightweight, rugged and distortion resistant
  • Dimensions, interior (W x H x D): 460 x 310 x 190 mm
  • 20 kg maximum load
  • Rugged design made of ABS material, black
  • Cover and tool plates made of Con-Pearl® material

Article No.EAN
   QuantityNominal size Waage_s.gif
00 21 21 HK S080671Plumber’s tool case 52 parts9600
86 03 250KnipexPliers Wrench, pliers and a wrench in a single tool1  KNPK0151_Greif_s.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0071_Gelenk_s.gif (online-thumb)
87 01 250KnipexKNIPEX Cobra®, Hightech Water Pump Pliers1250 mm KNPK0161_Greif_s.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0071_Gelenk_s.gif (online-thumb)
87 01 400KnipexKNIPEX Cobra® XL, Pipe Wrench and Water Pump Pliers1  KNPK0161_Greif_s.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0071_Gelenk_s.gif (online-thumb)
74 06 180KnipexHigh Leverage Diagonal Cutter1  Doppeldreieck-1000V_K.gif (online-thumb) GS-VDE_rz.gif (online-thumb) KNPK1311_gruen.gif (online-thumb)
26 16 200KnipexSnipe Nose Side Cutting Pliers, (Stork Beak Pliers)1200 mm Doppeldreieck-1000V_K.gif (online-thumb) GS-VDE_rz.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0471.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0161_Greif_s.gif (online-thumb) KNPK1311_gruen.gif (online-thumb)
00 11 01KnipexKNIPEX TwinKey®, for all standard cabinets and shut-off systems1   
006110WeraScrewdrivers for slotted screws, 160i10,6 x 3,5 x 100 mm Doppeldreieck-1000V_K.gif (online-thumb) GS-VDE_rz.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0911.gif (online-thumb)
006120WeraScrewdrivers for slotted screws, 160i11,0 x 5,5 x 125 mm Doppeldreieck-1000V_K.gif (online-thumb) GS-VDE_rz.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0911.gif (online-thumb)
006172WeraScrewdriver for Torx® screws, 167 i1TX15 Doppeldreieck-1000V_K.gif (online-thumb) GS-VDE_rz.gif (online-thumb) Torx.gif (online-thumb)
006174WeraScrewdriver for Torx® screws, 167 i1TX20 Doppeldreieck-1000V_K.gif (online-thumb) GS-VDE_rz.gif (online-thumb) Torx.gif (online-thumb)
006176WeraScrewdriver for Torx® screws, 167 i1TX25 Doppeldreieck-1000V_K.gif (online-thumb) GS-VDE_rz.gif (online-thumb) Torx.gif (online-thumb)
006152WeraScrewdrivers for cross recessed Phillips® screws, 162i PH1PH1 x 80 mm Doppeldreieck-1000V_K.gif (online-thumb) GS-VDE_rz.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0921.gif (online-thumb)
006154WeraScrewdrivers for cross recessed Phillips® screws, 162i PH1PH2 x 100 mm Doppeldreieck-1000V_K.gif (online-thumb) GS-VDE_rz.gif (online-thumb) KNPK0921.gif (online-thumb)
018266WeraSlotted chisel, 932 A11,2 x 7,0 x 125  
018268WeraSlotted chisel, 932 A11,6 x 9,0 x 150  
005655WeraVoltage detector, single-pole, 24710,5 x 3,0 x 70 mm KNPK0911.gif (online-thumb)
004018Wera8100 SA 8 Zyklop set of metal ratchets, 28 parts11/4"  
003760WeraJoker open-end wrench110 x 13 mm  
022086Weraset of hex key wrenches11,5 - 10 mm  
90958HeycoExpress key117 x 19 mm; M 10  
16640003HeycoSafety cutter knife118 mm  
101-0300PicardLocksmith’s hammer1300 g  
340 250 1RennsteigMason’s Chisels1250 mm  
02281Stabilaspirit level type 70130 cm  
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