The Combination Pliers

The combination pliers - combi pliers for short - is the pair of pliers which can do (almost) everything:

In one tool it combines the most important basic functions of pliers: gripping and cutting.

The cutting edges are suitable for severing wire, nails, smaller cables and suchlike;

the serrated ("planed") gripping jaws hold flat parts and small tools tightly

and the so-called burner hole (the serrated elliptic cut-out) is suitable for gripping (and also turning) round parts in particular.



An especially efficient transfer of force is possible with the KNIPEX High-leverage Combination Pliers.

Thanks to their construction they cut much more easily than conventional combination pliers. They can also grip more tightly accordingly.

The cutting edges of KNIPEX Combination Pliers are induction hardened, i.e. they are subjected to an extra stage of hardening by means of high-frequency currents so that they are capable ao cutting hard wires too.

Tip: HRC hardness

HRC = unit of measure in the "Rockwell-C"-method
of determining hardness

In the Rockwell hardness test according to the
HRC method a diamond cone is indented into the test
piece and the remaining depth of penetration is measured.

The harder the material, the less depth of penetration.